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  1. The scheme is as follows:

    1) The goal. First of all, you should define the ultimate goal-to understand what “better” means internally. The ultimate goal is not the external result that we want to achieve (theoretical knowledge, practical skill, appearance, success, financial well-being, and so on), but the range of problems and tasks that are solved by this result (knowledge not to know, but to apply it in life, practical skill not to remember our hands, but to apply it in life, appearance not to be externally attractive, but to please yourself and others, and so on). Why do you need to “be better”? If you do not understand the ultimate goal, you will not have a clear motivation to achieve intermediate goals (which you will unknowingly assume to be the ultimate goals).

    2) Tools. Means — in fact, intermediate goals-are exactly the very results that we want to achieve in order to solve the final goal. Funds are what “better”looks like. How do you imagine a “better” existence? If you don't understand the intermediate goals, you will have no way to achieve the final goal.

    3) Methods. In the end, you need to choose some specific courses, exercises, self-help books, and so on that will contain your chosen tools (there are many language textbooks, but you will have to choose one or two, there are many courses of various theoretical and practical knowledge, but you will also have to choose one or two, because if you get excited, you will not achieve the result at all). Methods are exactly the answer to the question“what's the best way?”, when it is already clearly and comprehensively known what is “better”. What are you willing to do for a better life?

    +) Plan. Planning is something that should follow your self-development at every step: at any given time, you should clearly understand what stage you are at, what you have already passed and what you still have to go through. Planning is necessary at all three stages: at the stage of setting goals, at the stage of determining funds, and at the stage of choosing methods. Are you getting better?

    Go for it.

  2. how to be better?you need to decide for yourself what you need to become better at and how much.the best is the enemy of the good.there is no limit to perfection.and we will spend our whole life fighting for the best.and to live when?I'm 70 years old.I'm not up to anything better.do not become the worst inadvertently here is the maximum program.for example, my sclerosis helps me enjoy life every day.Every day I see a cute girl like on the first day.envy the young people

  3. This is a philosophical question. First, you need to understand quite clearly what it means to be better. Setting a goal is difficult, but you can't do without it. Before we train and adjust our diet, we set a goal: what kind of body we want to have. It's the same with life – identify what you need to be successful in, and what your success is. After setting a goal, you need to find motivation and develop willpower. And after that, we go directly to the task. Want to know languages? We teach them. Do you want to be successful in your career? We are trying to reach heights there. Change your appearance? We make a plan, go and change ourselves. Goal-willpower-work. Good luck!

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