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  1. I don't think you couldn't answer that question yourself. On a fundamental level, it's simple: people are drawn to you if you either have an unusual perspective or are well-rounded. The first, unfortunately, is quite difficult to develop if you are already a well-formed person who is not endowed with this gift, but there are no problems with the second: read more books, watch more movies and TV shows, be interested in science and art, absorb as much of the most diverse information as possible, so that you always have topics for conversation in your pocket and/or opinions to support it. Further, and this is important, you need to be confident in yourself, or at least create a similar impression, because such people are not able to do this.they really do, and it's much more pleasant to communicate with them than with those who are “one part in the conversation, the other part in themselves.” And, of course, do not discount etiquette, a sense of humor and appearance when it comes to communicating with the opposite sex.

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