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  1. In fact, it will be very difficult to be Leo Tolstoy. We'll have to take part in some kind of war. Then become a local oligarch, buy up Tuevu hoochu land, and set up an estate there. Marry a beautiful woman, and scold a bunch of kids. All this time, without ceasing to scribble literary masterpieces. A couple of them should be the size (and meaning) of ” War and Peace “and”Anna Karenina”. Then rethink your life path. Start dressing like a collective farmer (given the current development of communication between the city and the village, this point is not particularly difficult). Open a school for the surrounding rural children. Try to start making boots. If you succeed, then you are no longer Tolstoy himself – he did a hell of a lot of things, and his son-in-law even rubbed his feet. To achieve anathema by your public activities and writings (I don't call for this, if anything!). And perhaps it is not entirely ethical to mention the pilgrimage to Astapovo station… Yes, the latter is now called “Leo Tolstoy”.

  2. Yes, everything is as usual. Write a couple of such novels that they are stunned all over the world, well, at least in Russia (let's be realistic), and fuck all the nishtyaks that are supposed to be about this.

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