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  1. Try not to be yourself! In fact, this is not possible. You can't be someone else. Even when you pretend to be different or play other/other/other. You are always yourself, even when you lie, when you don't walk “like the other,” when you think “like the other,” when you feel “like the other.”… You are still you.

    The problem is that you can't hide anywhere, you can't run away from yourself… In every breath, every sneeze, you manifest yourself, in every crease of your dress…

    There is no more vile phrase for today than saying ” be yourself!” — it is so crooked in the philosophical discourse.

    All his life, a person does nothing but get to know himself in detail, in his mirror fragments.

    It's not about being yourself. The point is to pull yourself together and be One, Integral�By yourself. And this is already spiritual work, the work that gives hope for the acquisition of the Holy Spirit.

    And one last thing. Speaking of how you can never be different, I …..I lied to you. You can. But only when you find Yourself united, united, but not unified…

    How did Max Voloshin write there? “Not for everyone, but for everyone!”

  2. Well, just the same vkontaktika branch opened…
    But what happens if you throw away the tinsel and try to answer the question without using fashionable slogans?
    And here's what happens: a person really can't be someone else. Even if he repents that he is not himself, he is still himself.
    It's just a “it's not me” game.
    ,But… but there is one big “but”: a person plays several social roles.
    I'm an employee at work, and I don't behave at all like I do when dealing with my parents, and both of these roles are very different from the “husband” role I play when dealing with my wife.
    (no, not in the sense that I pretend, but in the sense that I have a different behavior = different reactions to similar stimuli).
    Sometimes I'm a buddy, sometimes a bore, sometimes a slob, sometimes someone else, and if you look at it very superficially, it may seem that I'm a lot of different people. Although in fact-it's the same me, just in different conditions I behave differently.�
    The diversity of social roles may lead me to ask, “what is the real me?” but this question makes sense if you overlook the simple fact that I am multi – faceted.
    And you are multi-faceted.
    And absolutely anyone who is not in a coma is also multi-faceted.
    (The one in a coma is also multi-faceted, but this is not visible because he is in a coma ;)).
    If we start from this model, then the question “how do I be myself” translates into ” which of these facets is the real me, which facet should I fix on?”, and in this interpretation we get a very simple answer: I am the totality of all facets. (and plus a few more facets that I haven't mastered yet / haven't developed / the devil only knows what's out there).

    Therefore, it is in the context of this issue that I sincerely advise you to forget about all these “don't lie”, “don't compare” and other nonsense. Lying and comparing is also me, also one of my facets.
    Although it's better not to lie and compare the quality of my life with T. Z., but that's a completely different story.�
    Well, if you go back from the model of faces to the usual language, the answer will be: you are still you, no matter what you do,and this is forever 🙂 Therefore, it is better not to burden yourself with insignificant questions, but to sit down and think about how / how you want to see yourself in, say, 5 years, and consistently go to this state ( to discover and develop constructive and/or new facets in yourself).

  3. “Be yourself” is quite possibly the most frequently used phrase in the history of the Soviets. Be yourself… Such a vague saying… But this is not difficult at all!

    1) Stop lying! This has been tested the hard way.. stop lying to others, stop lying to yourself! You should never embellish reality and present it as such to the people around you. It is always necessary to soberly assess the situation(your situation) and for yourself to know for sure your true current state. Otherwise, you can get mired in all this without a trace.

    2) Forget the past! It is like a stone on the neck pulls to the bottom, does not allow you to fully immerse yourself in the present. If there were any mistakes in the past, any painful situations, just let go, try to forget. Always remember, it's like on the road, you go ahead and it doesn't matter what you've been through, it's what's happening around you now and what's ahead. This will greatly help in the formation of personality and self-determination.

    3) Be honest and open! Do you have anything to hide? We are all imperfect, we all learn and grow. If you feel ashamed or insecure about any aspect of your personality, and you want to hide this part of yourself, physically or emotionally, then you need to come to terms with this and learn to turn your so-called shortcomings into individualistic quirks, or focus on your strengths.

    4) This is obvious from the last point but still.. Never forget your strengths. It is the awareness of one's superiority over others in any area that warns a person against lying and helps him not only to accept himself as he is, but also to present himself to others as such.

    5) Never compare yourself to others! Don't compare yourself to others. If you constantly strive to be something that you are not, then you will never be happy. When you compare yourself to others, you are

    you strive to change yourself, adjusting to the chosen standards. However, this is a slippery slope. As a result, your opinion of yourself will only worsen more and more, you will become more withdrawn into yourself and therefore you will never be able to be real..

    6) Try to get rid of everything that binds you or forces you to change. Don't care what other people think about you, what they say, or how they look at you. Abstract, do not pay attention, because the main thing is how you feel! Also, do not try to please others, but I will not even explain this, everything is clear.

    Surround yourself with pleasant people who you will trust and with whom you will feel at ease. Get rid of all the “uncomfortable” people, whoever they are. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and sort yourself out. The main thing is to be honest with yourself and everything will be fine! Good luck)

  4. Let's go from the opposite. And what gives you as a person to be not yourself? It also kills our uniqueness, and I believe that in our time all other roles are already taken .

  5. A bit of a philosophical answer, but it will probably be the best advice here. Don't try to be someone else.�

    Do you think one thing and say another for the benefit of someone else? It's not you.�

    Are you lying for the same reason? It's not you.�

    This is your life, don't try to please anyone

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