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  1. In general, you need to understand that you are what you are and you will not become a different person. Therefore, you do not need to work hard and try to change your character traits or interests, it is still useless.�

    And most likely, there are still all sorts of unrealized aspirations that you stop in yourself, so that no one thinks anything bad about you. It is only worse to blame yourself for the “wrong” interests.

  2. Good question. I'll try to be as brief as possible. First, you need to understand why you are not a complete person. This is not a trivial question, in analytical psychology, the human psyche is a set of many simpler personalities who collectively chose a persona-an external manifestation.

    If you stick to other concepts, the question of why exactly your personality is not complete still remains the cornerstone, until you answer it, you will not succeed, no matter how much you meditate.

    Read Jung on the shadow and the persona, or listen to some good lectures about it. Find in yourself those traits that you suppress, do not give them manifestations that you could not integrate into your persona. Then read about how to learn it properly.

    If you can show your inner impulses, desires and stimuli in a socially acceptable way, i.e. integrate them into your personality, and not hide and be ashamed of the very fact of their existence (believe me, every person has dark sides, such as aggression or not the most standard desires related to the sexual sphere) you will, by definition and in fact, become a complete person.

  3. The best method I've found (and I've been searching furiously and for a long time) is mindfulness meditation. It allows you to resolve internal conflicts. The principle is very simple: just be aware of the sensation of breathing in your stomach or chest and allow thoughts to come and go in the background. It is better, of course, to buy some kind of book. You can listen to Yonge Mingyur Rinpoche's lectures.

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