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  1. Fear is an emotion that warns of danger. Its useful function is to mobilize our body, assess the level of danger and push us to make decisions about how to proceed. Therefore, the task of “becoming fearless” can very easily lead to the consequence of “becoming very stupid” – that is, not being able to assess the situation, their forces and resources, not being able to mobilize their forces, etc. If you learn to “make friends” with your fear, so to speak – to feel it, to hear it, but not to allow it to completely control your mind – you can come up with interesting results. From the outside, this may seem fearless. But in reality, it's the ability to co-exist with your emotions. I recommend Sharon Melnik's book “Stress Tolerance” – there is a chapter on the parasympathetic and sympathetic signaling systems. It explains in detail and with exercises how to work with your fear.

  2. I don't like dauntless people. Those who are not afraid of anything, I avoid and fear. Everyone I know and love is afraid of something. At the very least, they're afraid for me, and I'm afraid for them. We have someone to fear for, so we are afraid. And I'm afraid. I'm afraid when they're on a plane, I'm afraid when they're far away. I'm afraid when they get sick, and I'm afraid to get sick myself. I'm afraid of any disasters, I'm afraid of a tsunami right here. I'm afraid for my poor homeland. I'm afraid for my children. And in general, I'm afraid for children, when I see children – I'm afraid for them.
    I'm even afraid of the dark, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Let the person who is not afraid of the dark be ashamed. After all, if you understand – the person who is not afraid of the dark-it lacks some important human component, the most important for the soul. The person who is not afraid of the dark – he is essentially someone who has no imagination…

    Evgeny Grishkovets.

  3. A “fearless person” is a person who is not afraid of anything? I'm not afraid of anything. So what? Is my life easier? Not a drop. The only thing I'm afraid of is the unforeseen factors that can happen in our lives – every day. But-afraid? That's not so. I just don't like the idea of having to make some unplanned effort to overcome this nonsense. And what can be terrible ? So decide for yourself what you can and should be afraid of? after all, all this is such nonsense that it is not worth it. This is the only effective exercise. Think about it and decide what's really scary. In any case, that you can assume, in fact, there is nothing terrible. All nonsense. In any case ( in anticipation of the “terrible”, some kind of trouble), I ask myself – “will they kill you?” like, no. “and if they kill you, will you be afraid? “I don't think so. And what to be afraid of?

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