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  1. Most of what is online is a game. Thanks to her stealth, she survives . Also thanks to this, many scammers use it. In fact, Freemasons don't care what people think of them or what their name is used for. This is a people gathered inspired by their idea. Ideological brotherhood outside of religions outside of race. I think they'll keep track of you if you meet the criteria. You have to be honest, despite the yoke that hangs on them. All things are done for good, even if it seems to you that it is evil.

  2. They don't become them, they are born them. A secret society or other state. If you're a Freemason and you don't know it yet , you'll know it. If you're not a Freemason, but you don't know it yet, you won't know it. The secret community will find you and show you to the community.

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