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  1. Hello! To become a pro, you need to take objective steps in this direction. First, decide for yourself in which field of activity you are going to achieve professionalism. In what profession? If you have clear and clear answers to these questions, then you can move on. If there are no answers or they are vague, then take the time to study the professional areas that you are potentially interested in. Find out who has been successful in these areas and who you would like to look up to professionally.

    This is followed by an” organized routine ” that can lead you to success. Routine in the sense of systematic movement towards the intended result. You will need to gain knowledge, skills and abilities in your chosen profession. Moving continuously, improving your skills, you will eventually reach the intended result. It is clear that this will not happen in three days. You must be determined to achieve, have a clear intention, and work on it every day. And then your current “seems” will be replaced with “objective results”, “degradation” with development, and self-esteem will grow as you develop.

  2. If you do not know how to do anything, you need to learn what you are interested in, gradually developing the appropriate skills and become a professional in your field, everything is simple. In order not to degrade, find hobbies, hobbies, go in for sports, exercise, hiking, it will raise your self-esteem.

  3. A brick wall is built on bricks, and skill in any business. Choose a business and do it a little bit every day, you will not see the result immediately, but after a couple of months you will see that you have already achieved a lot in this area. And in order to become a pro, you need to do this for about 10,000 hours. Be patient and give yourself some time. Decide to become a pro in 3 years and do it every day. If you set a goal for yourself in a month, you may be disappointed if you don't reach it. And if we set a goal of 3 years, you will achieve everything earlier, for that you will feel morally comfortable. Good luck to you.

  4. If you feel that you don't know how to do something, then think about what you like and what you like to do. Each of us has an activity that brings him great pleasure, so try to start realizing yourself in this 🙂

    The main thing is to get started!

  5. The main thing is to get started. Start with the easiest part. What you like. It is also important to enjoy the process. Don't set yourself “high” goals right away. Break the big goal down into many smaller sub-goals that lead to something significant for you. Understanding the process and deadline is important. And be sure to write it down. When you write it , you will see the beginning of real actions. There is a very good saying – take a step, and the road will come to you by itself.

  6. You should start with self-esteem, raise your self-esteem – the world will sparkle with new colors. Take up physical exercises, become more active, and spend more time in nature. Listen to yourself, what do you like to do, what did you do as a child?
    Step by step, start doing something every day, you will be interested or find another more interesting activity.
    Complete a training course, start communicating, engage in self-development, and prove yourself.

  7. Alas, there are few options here. We need to work, work, and work again. Work not somewhere for hire, but in a certain area that ignites you. And be sure to accept the idea that success does not come immediately, it is a long and painstaking work. It will probably take years.

  8. Just choose the business that you like and devote a lot of time and effort to it. Even if there is no immediate result (and it doesn't happen right away), everything will come back over time.

  9. Oh, yes! I'm in exactly the same situation) But still, do you have any interests? Is it okay that I'm on you? I work in a not very interesting job, but I am grateful to my work for my friendly team, for the good atmosphere, for the money, in the end. In my spare time, I do things that are interesting – I try to learn Spanish, I try to learn to play the drum, I try to learn how to bake delicious pies. I'm trying, not doing it. This formulation does not overload me with excessive responsibility. Just do what you can and want, be grateful for what you already have, and try to make plans for the future (at least for the near future). Today, in Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I read that”…thinking seriously about the words you would like to hear about yourself at your own funeral will help you find your own definition of success.” Perhaps your success lies in making the people around you happy?

    1. Just do something without interest. Do it and see what happens. Be sure to repeat what you do. Then do something else and do it again.

    2. Practice dza-zen meditation. It is her, and not the other.

    3. Engage in cycle sports. Not intense, but long (if you run, then an hour and a half and not fast). When studying, be sure not to think about anything. Or at least try not to think.

    4. Listen to other people. Without conclusions and ratings, but just listen.

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