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  1. Choose a great goal for which you need to become one. Otherwise, you won't even be able to stand it for a month, and it will make you sick. A very big goal. So that against the background of it, you would not be sorry even to send your mother alone to the galleys.
    Or you should enjoy the process of plotting to the point of insanity.

    When you understand the motivation ( just don't think that this is such a simple question), you can start learning the technique. There, in theory, everything is simple, but you need to practice constantly.
    Look at people's motivations, weaknesses, pain points, and importance-it's simple.
    Only here everything is simple and in football-I took the ball-figach, but everyone plays to the extent of talent and practice…

  2. It's innate. You can, of course, learn from textbooks, but this is bullshit. Messing around, setting people off, and distorting facts and contexts is a talent. Just a little mind. You need passion and the ability to see the big picture, when you tell everyone separately only a part and in the right light.

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