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  1. I wrote already, not so long ago, it seems here that the cardinal remedy for difficulties in life is a lobotomy. (Joke)

    I am very impressed with the statement of Albert Einstein (free quotation, from memory):

    “You only really understand the theory if you can explain it to a five-year-old child.”

    Why do we complicate communication, relationships, and our lives?

    There can be a huge variety of reasons. I conducted an analysis of those that were encountered in my environment. They can be roughly grouped into three large groups.

    1. I want maximum accuracy, clarity of transmission of the essence of the concept. “Any retelling or simplification is already a crime against the truth.” There are very few people with such beliefs, at least in my environment, but they do exist. Until recently, I considered myself one of them. Only long-term work with personal therapy helped me see the limitations of this position.

    2. The desire to impress others, to show off your erudition and awareness. Be your own in a particular community. For example, in a philosophical, scientific, or creative environment. They understand what they're talking about and are proud of it. There are many more of them-these are pseudo-intellectuals, pseudo-scientists, natural scientists of the patience of others. I use the prefix “pseudo -” for the reason I mentioned above in the quote attributed to Einstein.

    3. Mimicry – those who want to impress others and join the “intellectual party”, but do not have enough education or intelligence. Terms and complex speech constructions are valuable in their own right. Often, without understanding their true meaning, without considering the context, they use them for any reason. In the people, this category of citizens has received such names as:” demagogue”,” sofa naturalist”,” kitchen philosopher”, etc.With great confidence, they speak authoritatively about topics in which they understand absolutely nothing. For example, a not very successful system administrator can run a blog about politics, give advice to the president and simultaneously “throw mud” at all psychologists, recommending that you immediately contact psychiatrists for any reason. By the way, the reasons why people want to appear smart are well written here.

    Of course, these options do not exhaust the variety of reasons for using complex constructions in speech and thinking. Perhaps due to upbringing, life circumstances, intrapersonal conflict, as an element of psychological protection, etc. but, by and large, many of these grounds, to a certain degree of approximation, can be attributed to one of the three options given above, or it is much less common.

    There's nothing particularly disastrous about overcomplicating yourself, it's just an adaptive mechanism designed to better adapt to internal and external reality. The main thing here is freedom from dominating such a way of life, gaining arbitrariness. Easy choice of a convenient format of communication and thinking.

    Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved without regular consistent and systematic work on yourself. There is no magic pill.

    What should I do?

    1. Define a clear result and time frame for achieving it. The easiest and best way to do this is during a session with a competent coach.

    2. Understand the feasibility of complication: what do you need it for?

    3. Understand and accept yourself. Be sincere and open first of all with yourself. The practice of working with a psychologist here helps as much as possible.

    4. Regular practice of simplifying statements: use a term, immediately explain its essence in 2-3 words, there are no more than 5 words in a sentence, etc.

    5. Start a self-observation diary. Regularly record the results achieved, celebrate the success and reward yourself for them.

    Please tell us how much you liked this answer? What thoughts did it evoke?

  2. The example of other people who were simple can help us become simpler.

    The greatest example to follow is the life of Jesus Christ. You can learn about his life from the Bible. His teachings are simple, accessible, wise, easy to remember and understandable to all people. Everyone knows the expressions: “as you want people to do to you, so do you to them”, “with what judgment you judge, so will you be judged”, “whoever strikes you on your right cheek, turn the other one to him”, as well as the prayer “Our Father” and many other sayings. At the same time, he did not stand out from other people and, importantly, he was loved by children. This suggests that Jesus Christ was a simple and accessible person. And he encouraged them to follow his example: “I have given you an example, that you should do the same” (John 13:15). This will make us even easier and better.

  3. To become a simple person, you need to work hard. And this can be helped by such a quality as humility. And humility is not weakness, but a mindset that is pleasing to God, and is combined with such a quality as meekness. Humility is not inherent in arrogance and pride. This is the quality of the heart, which manifests itself in words, behavior and attitude to others, as well as modesty and awareness of the limits of one's abilities. And for me, this is the example of Jesus Christ, who always lived according to his words( Matthew 11:29).

  4. To simplify your life, you will probably need to review your daily activities, slow down somewhere, and part with something. There is a saying: “all in good time.” Maybe it's time to cut out something that takes up too much time. For example, reduce the number of items you have or would like to purchase. Then, perhaps, you will have extra time and energy for more important things in life.. And a simple, balanced life brings real satisfaction. 😌⠀
    If a person leads a simple life, can't they also be called simple?

  5. Just exactly simple!? And it is a Person!? Become the most difficult thing in the world! Since the whole world with its fast-passing tinsel, and it is not worth just a simple person!!! But the path is incredibly dangerous,and thorny, only revealed Courage, and Sincere Courage! Can lead to this.Think carefully about this before taking the first step! There will be no turning back!

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