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  1. How to become one?

    I can only answer the question of HOW TO BE a happy person.

    If your mentality is set up to look for all the negatives that can only be scratched out of any life situation, then you will never BE happy.

    You need to change your mentality. And then you will not become, you will just be a happy person.

    Kozma Prutkov answered this question long ago: do you want to be happy? “Be it!

  2. Strange question, I'm sorry. Our base is the material world in which we live. And if you don't pay attention to material things, you can starve to death or freeze to death without a roof or walls.

    But how not to attach TOO much importance, and not to get hung up on the material -this is another matter. Here, it is worth turning to what this obsession really gives you? – drowns out something, or replaces it, or maybe protects it.

  3. I would say that both important points and material things have their place.

    You can't live with the moments alone, you need to live somewhere and eat something.

    But also chasing money and success, giving up on relationships, hobbies and free time-this is also a road to nowhere.

    You need a balance, and it's different for everyone.

    The mistake is when we think that more money is bound to make us happier. As if there is a universal formula where X rubles will bring us Y units of happiness.

    But this is not the case.

    We may be happier for a little while, but soon a voice comes on saying”More!”

    Otherwise, how do you explain that there are unhappy billionaires who, even though they have enough money for life, still want more?

    It is this voice, this constant thirst for more, that is the real problem.

    And what we really want is not more money, but to feel better: to be more calm, joyful, and relaxed.

    We want the feelings that money can bring us.

    But what if we could immediately find these feelings of joy and calmness in ourselves without necessarily becoming millionaires?

    What will be important then?

    Then we can do what we really like and not as a necessary step to success, but simply because it gives us pleasure.

    For me, this is what it means to be happy-to do what you want to do, without trying to get any results from it.

    And these feelings of joy, calmness, contentment with life, they are already inside us.

    There is no need to add anything to who we are.

    We just need to remove what we are not.

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  4. I would give you an answer that would definitely help you, but…I'm afraid they'll either ban me here or just not understand me.
    But, if you have problems with the assessment of reality, then you can try to arrange a psychedelic experience that helped and healed almost everyone, and not only from depression.
    (This is not propaganda)

  5. Material things are not something that you should run away from in order to find happiness and fullness of life.If it makes you happy, enjoy it,it's also part of it.

    Usually, everything is learned by comparison, and you really start to appreciate something when you lose it.While you have youth and health, you don't notice how easy it is to run,
    breathe deeply and enjoy life.As long as your parents are alive, you don't think about what they do for you and how wonderful it is to have them around.
    While it seems that there is a lot of time ahead and you will have time for everything-you often spend it on various unimportant things and trifles, putting off necessary and useful things for later.
    Think about what you can be grateful for.

    Start enjoying your life.Take a look around:colors, colors, sounds, people and their lives, emotions.
    Always, every moment, something happens.Look at this world in its many-sided manifestations.Notice the details, feel the life!

    Learn to be aware of your little wants and needs.Do you want to walk barefoot on the grass?See the beauty of the night sky.Embrace a loved one,have a heart-to-heart conversation,and do something nice.
    After all, the whole is made up of small things.

    Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.

    And no matter how beautiful life is,remember that it is not eternal.You can't take material things with you,they are pleasant as long as they are there.
    And the best memories of our lives are often formed from what you can't buy.

  6. Oh, it's very simple: you just need to put the garbage ideas out of your head.And the first of them is the idea that” material things ” are less valuable than immaterial things.
    I assure you, these “truly important moments in life” have made many more people unhappy than a low salary or the absence of an iPhone.
    Because in the end, you can earn money on an iPhone (if you temporarily remove the crown and hide it somewhere), and the pursuit of “truly important moments” is a guaranteed path to “fake Christmas toys” – in this race, in principle, you can not win. No way.
    Yes, it is quite too fixated on the material – it is also skewed, and also makes a person unhappy. But the ideas are even worse.

    Therefore, it remains only to live, work as much as possible, and it is desirable to love someone in the most mundane sense of the word “love”, but at the same time to love not for a week but for at least a decade, and then there are chances to become happy.

  7. I would say just break all your boundaries.Try to score as much as possible on the opinion of society, try to open up the fire of interest in this world.If you don't start loving the reality around you, no matter how terrible it may seem to you, you will never know happiness.It is more difficult to stop clinging to the material.Try to stop shopping for pleasure instead of profit, and find something beautiful(music, paintings, nature, books)which will bring you spiritual, not material happiness.�

    You can still go to an adequate religion,it also brings spiritual happiness(but not for everyone, and not for everyone, so judge by yourself).

    Finally, you will love people.This can be attributed to the environment,but I put it in a separate tip.Love for one's neighbor is a very high happiness.It's love,not lust or anything like that.Love also does not consist in putting everyone on your neck, this is also taken into account.

    Develop mindfulness.

    There are 4 exercises in order of their complexity

    1) Concentrate and be aware of your breathing by focusing on the sensations in your nostrils

    2) Awareness of your position and physical impacts on you.It is warm to you, whether the causal place is rubbing, whether the muscles are aching, whether the grated jeans have become too small (a reference of medium difficulty), and so on.

    3) Be aware of your feelings and emotions.This is more difficult,so read more about emotions on the Internet.To me here in general sometimes it happened nepoyantno that I feel exactly when I studied writing

    4) The most difficult thing is to be aware of your thoughts and the reasons that caused them.

    I hope this helps you.All the best to you.

  8. I will answer as a simple person who faces this problem everywhere and does not have any high knowledge of psychology.

    First you need to decide what is really important in life: meeting friends in a cafe, walking with a loved one, or, for example, sitting on the roof of a garage alone at 2 o'clock in the morning.

    Also, each person has his own character: someone likes to be alone, and someone can not live without friends.

    Personally, I love being alone, but I also love being with my friends.

    For me, it's not the number of bottles of Pepsi I've drunk with a friend that matters, but the amount of time, emotions, and feelings I've experienced together.

    Therefore, you need to appreciate the time and feelings with a friend/yourself/loved one. The more exciting and interesting your time with a person is, the more valuable it is.

    And not to attach importance to material things – the task is a little more difficult, but I will try to help.

    I, despite the small amount of money in my pocket, do not think that I will not be able to provide myself with what I need.

    I try not to buy extra things. I've always enjoyed a night out with a friend more than buying an expensive pizza.

    But do not attach any importance to material things is not worth it. They just need to be valued differently than important moments.

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