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  1. No way.
    You can't just stop being who you were. You are hundreds or even thousands of different behavioral algorithms.

    Any problem is solved with the help of serious thoughts.�
    You look for a problem, find its source, and destroy it. Repeat the required number of times.
    Is it possible to consider the so-called character of a person and a skill, where when repeating actions, the model is remembered? Xs, hardly.

  2. Love yourself first! A loser is a template that people put up for themselves and it's just as easy to get rid of it as to put a label on yourself that says ” I'm lucky in everything!”)

  3. Everything is entirely in your thoughts. As long as you want to consider yourself a failure, you will be one. Each person, first of all, gives himself an assessment. If you give yourself a negative assessment, it will manifest itself in life. After all, the people around you are sensitive to you. If you think negatively, you will convince them of this as well. So there is only one way out:stop thinking of yourself as a failure. The main thing is to get started. Get up more often in front of the mirror and tell yourself your positive qualities. They are there anyway. Remember more often positive situations where your positive qualities were revealed. Your task is to reconfigure yourself and convince yourself that you are no longer a loser, but a happy confident person!

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