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  1. Perhaps my answer will seem strange, but to become happy, you need to achieve happiness.

    I'm talking about the fact that any of our actions lead to some kind of result. And any inaction leads to its absence.

    Let's take happiness as the absence of something bad and the presence of something good. Let's make a list of what we think happiness is.

    Let's make a small graph on a piece of paper. It should indicate what actions were taken today to get “something good” from the list. And what result did this lead to on the scale of “happiness” (where 0 – it did not give a result, 10 – I was torn with delight)

    This should be done with all the remaining items.

    This should be done every day until you pay attention to the fact that you can automatically see situations in which you can become happy.

    If you think that everything I wrote is nonsense, then click reply later and just do this exercise for at least a week.

    I want everyone to try it in practice before expressing their opinion.

    Theorizing is always easier than doing something )) Any process in our thoughts is always “logically correct”, but only practice will show what we are doing wrong.

  2. And you are already happy, since you are interested in this issue!

    However, attention!

    If you are interested in this, then you are missing something-right?

    Or not?

    Or they don't understand you and if, then…

    This is the usual definition of happiness:

    Happiness is a human condition that corresponds to the greatest inner satisfaction with the conditions of one's existence, the fullness and meaningfulness of life, the fulfillment of one's human vocation, and self-realization.

    That is, it is something that is given externally, that is, comes under the condition – ” if then, then…”

    Bought-happiness, lost-misery.

    Complete discreteness and condition dependence are observed.

    Conclusion: such happiness cannot be prolonged, that is, there is no way to become or be happy!


    As I wrote earlier, you are already happy as long as you are Alive, do not get sick, that is, the happiness that you are asking about is possible only in the inner world of a Person!

  3. I believe that happiness in general is a discrete process. There is no happiness “at all”. Well, look, you have a wonderful relationship in your family, you are provided with housing, you are paid good money for an interesting job, your country enjoys well-deserved sympathy and respect in the world, you have made yourself a beautiful fashionable hairstyle… and now you and she are caught in a downpour, and your new pink raincoat is shedding on your favorite white blouse. How are you happy there? And I haven't told you about the other extreme yet, as my sister's husband came out of Debaltseve, dirty, dead tired and half deaf. But around Bakhmut, around already their own and you can call your wife, say “I'm alive” and hear her joyful squeal even with a deaf ear. Here he was at that moment happy, and fuck it already with that lost town, there will be time – we will return it back…

    You can't be happy. Happiness is an impulse. There he was, you caught him, you felt him , and that's it, he's gone. Wait for a new one. There is a concept of “constant component” to describe such processes, it depends on the frequency and amplitude of the pulses, well, you can try to make this line on the graph higher. Do what you like, sleep with whom you want, notice the beauty around you and remember-a person needs as much as he can carry in his hands.

  4. Yes, the question is purely philosophical, and everyone has THEIR OWN happiness!!! For one person to be happy, it is enough to eat well, sleep sweetly and watch your favorite movie….And who needs to conquer mountains for happiness, make a trip, generally achieve some result, i.e. be something better than others.

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