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  1. I think that in order to become sensitive, you must first learn to take everything “to heart. To do this, you need to put yourself in the shoes of other people, or rather, “get into the skin and walk around in it.” Watch dramas more often, imagining yourself in the place of the” suffering ” hero. I highly recommend films based on historical events. In me, attacks of “sensitivity” are provoked by films about slavery in the United States (for example, the 4-episode “Roots”) or about the Holocaust (“The Boy in striped Pajamas”, “Schindler's List”), about the fate of disadvantaged women (“Desert Flower” – the real story of a Somali model), etc.Also recommended similar literature (“The Diary of Anne Frank”, for example).

    I always thought that sensitivity is directly related to the ability to empathize, so turn on your imagination and ask yourself every time “What if it were me?”, imagine these terrible events as clearly as possible and, voila, you are sensitive!

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