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  1. Tolerance – the absence of a negative emotional reaction to any phenomenon of the external world. The level of negativity of an emotional reaction is determined by the amount of aggressive component in this reaction. The aggressive component is caused by fear, because aggression is always a consequence of fear. Thus, the negativity of an emotional reaction depends on how much the phenomenon itself, to which we want to become more tolerant, affects our instinct for self-preservation.

    What causes fear? Fear causes a discrepancy between our model of the world and how this world is presented to us at this moment. That is, if our world map does not provide any instructions for understanding what is happening at the moment, then we experience a natural fear. We are afraid of the uncertainty of what is happening and the inability to predict how it will develop further, and therefore we do not know whether we need to do something now to be ready for what will happen, or whether we will need to do something later. And if something needs to be done, then we don't know what exactly will need to be done. We find ourselves in a situation where we do not understand the principle of what is happening. In order for us to be able to respond in a timely manner to any sudden change, we need to be focused on what is happening and not be distracted by extraneous thoughts. Concentration is caused by the release of stress hormones, which leads to increased blood pressure, narrowing of blood vessels and narrowing the perception of the world to the minimum set of phenomena that seem most important to us.

    Descartes very correctly observed that the feeling of fear takes hold of us with such force that the mind is almost unable to take control of thinking. It follows that we can only become more tolerant if we prepare in advance for various non-standard situations. But can we prepare for a situation whose development is unknown to us?

    Let's go back to the process of creating fear. Fear arises from the mismatch of our ideas about the world with the reality of this very world. We cannot influence the reality of the world, so there is only one element that remains within our control. It's about our perceptions of the world. The very existence of ideas about the world causes the possibility of fear. The lack of understanding of the world will lead to the absence of the very possibility of experiencing fear. For example, a person who has no idea about a nuclear explosion may see signs of a catastrophe on the horizon, but do not attach any importance to it until he is blown away by a shock wave. Another more understandable example: a child does not understand what can lead to unwillingness to brush his teeth, because his idea of the world does not contain the experience of experiencing toothache.

    Now let's get back to the dumb people we need to learn to be tolerant of. Intolerance of stupid people is caused by the fact that we do not understand the principle that guides these people in carrying out their actions. Why don't we understand this principle? Because we attribute to other people the same behavioral motives that guide us, but our motives are a consequence of our model of the world, and the motives of other people are a consequence of their model of the world. To think that our model of the world is the only model that best meets the criteria of reality is to be seriously mistaken. Intolerance towards people is caused by the fact that we have some stable idea about these people, made up of parts of our own experience of the world, but these people do not behave as we expect them to.

    You should also pay attention to the fact that we are talking not just about other people, but about stupid people. What is stupidity? Stupidity is the inability to perceive new information, which leads to the fact that a person interprets all surrounding phenomena only through the scheme available to him and refuses (often in an aggressive form) to even try to perceive new facts that do not fit into his conceptual structure. Thus, stupidity is a completely self-contained view of the world, in which any new facts are either ignored or distorted to the extent that they could fit into this closed view. A stupid person annoys us because they act as if all the people around them are in their head. He does not notice that other people are independent units of this world, which can think in some other way. A dumb person is immune to other people's intentions.

    We can reduce our immunity to other people to some extent to the fact that it is dangerous for a stupid person to perceive other people, because other people are unpredictable. Therefore, a person closes in on his worldview and does not tolerate any interference in this worldview from the outside. Consequently, a stupid person shows intolerance towards others.

    Conclusion: to become more tolerant of stupid people, you need to become as intolerant of stupid people as possible.

  2. The term “dumb” itself is too vague, expansive, and subjective . I try to quickly stop communicating with people who are aggressive and stubborn in their lack of understanding of basic things .

    But mostly random .

    Working in a special school, I have met quite a few people who have a hard time ( in the first place).

    mostly mine ) were “dragged” to the next class . Yes, they were not very good at science , but they worked at the city's enterprises, doing work that I could hardly do (smartass):)Therefore, I tried not to humiliate such people, especially demonstratively. Causes of underdevelopment

    the heap and people are not to blame for this . They are still people, you have to understand that

    and to talk down to them is also a sign of not much intelligence .

  3. Your age is undoubtedly young, Catherine, and therefore you probably have a sense of self.irony allows me to suggest a little classic poem, which is not taught in school, “on the subject”. Success… in self-overcoming!

    Smart listened patiently

    Outpouring of the fool:

    “Isn't that why life is dreary,

    Both colorless and wild,

    What's around, after all,

    Too many fools?”

    But, hiding a bilious laugh,

    Smart thought, ferocious:

    “It only counts those,

    Who's even more stupid than him,—

    “Too much” for him…

    What's it like for me?”

    Sasha Cherny, 1910

  4. My mother always said, “if we're not offended, then we're not offended,” so I can paraphrase this phrase – if we're not offended by other people's shortsightedness, then we're not offended by their existence. Yes, unfortunately, there is such a problem. But this is not a problem of stupidity, but of shortsightedness. That is, there are people who live by stupid stereotypes (“women cook borscht”, “men don't roar”, “faggots die” , etc.)�

    Yes, I am also angry with the behavior and thoughts of such people, but I always think that I sympathize with them to some extent – after all, by limiting themselves to the framework of stereotypes, they limit their lives and their own opportunities.

  5. It helped me to communicate with people who are much more intelligent and successful than me. I saw how condescending they were to me and became more tolerant.

  6. I.
    First, try to slightly reduce your ego and stop elevating yourself above others, considering yourself a bulwark of adequacy and a glimmer of reason in this world of darkness and ignorance. Without this important step, the answer to the question” how ” will be quite obvious: no way.

    When we have slightly underestimated the ESR, we can proceed to the next step-expanding our horizons.
    Let's take a simple example – if you are infuriated by believers and you think they are stupid-read the holy scriptures (I'm serious, but without this touch of pseudo-intellectual cynicism), and trying to understand and understand, what could have hooked a person here? Or talk to a believer, trying to take his place.
    Infuriate vegans? Learn the matcha part. Infuriate TA? Learn the matcha part. It's always better to be knowledgeable.
    This is difficult and requires a lot of mental work, as well as time and introspection.�

    The third step, which was mentioned in the second: take the place of a person. And it can also be incredibly difficult, and also require a lot of intellectual work.
    You can't just say “I understand you well” and understand all the feelings and thoughts of the individual that made him take such a position.

    For example, I used to hate girls who do everything to show off their sexuality and don't do anything else in life, except to please guys and get some profit from this (they are also called “whores”/”TP”). By the way, I don't recommend using this word – remember point I).
    I had to reread a lot of articles about gender stereotypes, the history of fashion, feminist works, books about logic, psychology, and so on. and so on. to finally say with a light heart: “I understand you, damn it! Now I understand, because I didn't go far myself.”�

    To pass all these three steps, you need to have great willpower, as well as great intellectual potential. Simply put, you need to be strong and smart.�

    After all, if the scheme works for you: 95 % of people are idiots, but I'm definitely in the 5 % ilitki – then most likely you are the same stupid person to whom we all try to be more tolerant here.

  7. It depends on who you mean by the category of “stupid people”.

    A person who considers almost everyone stupid, and himself zbs, imho is not the owner of a” sharp ” mind, because one of the criteria for possessing it is the ability to look at everything, including yourself, from a critical angle. � � � � � � � � � � � � �

    Personally,” stupid ” people in the classical interpretation, i.e. those who are a lot of stupid, do not always understand something exactly and slow down, irritate me a little, because we all have our own characteristics and specializations, and when you understand this, somehow everything becomes easier. I had a friend who was terribly stupid in all subjects, well, it didn't work out in her studies, but she sews smartly, the cosplayer is cool, draws awesome – the hands of a person grow from the right place, for me it's all a dark forest in general. She's smart about her own business, and knowing that I'm just as “dumb” about almost all of her talents as she is about mine helps me stay calm. Sami with a mustache. � � � � � � � � � � � � �

    There are still people who can't believe in anything at all, and if they can, they don't want to do anything, or they don't know where to send themselves, but they don't want to look either (in particular, I'm talking about my social category of schoolchildren and teenagers, because I can't say for sure that I've met enough people from other countries). So, this category of people can also be annoying, but it always helped me to think that this is their life and they should live with it.

    What I struggle with is getting annoyed with people who just think that they are the only ones who are “cooler than boiled eggs” and if there is something they don't know, then it really doesn't exist and can't be, and in general there is only their opinion and nothing more. One girl once told me that I can't get emotional and spend so much money during a dance that I will have to recover and recover, just because she can't. On the one hand, this can be called categorical, but I do not consider “categorical” a negative trait, if it does not border on the lack of desire to reflect or have your own answers to any questions.

    Another type of person I don't like is people who don't understand the situation. I explain (a real-life example again): these are the same guys who laugh loudly and interrupt with off-topic inserts when there is an organizational meeting about a trip to a foreign country that recently hosted a series of terrorist attacks (yes, I'm talking about France) on an exchange, confusing, first, the organizer, and secondly, becoming those people who can become a potential problem.�

    It's all these people that I think are really stupid.�

    The ability to abstract, mint tea and acceptance of the fact that we are all different in the end, we all have the right to our own subjective opinion, to our own lives and our own bumps and “lyuli”helps me with them. It helps to treat everything more gently. I also like to make such people into “characters”, i.e. make their” stupidity ” an amazing trait and superpower, a trait given by the author, anything.�

    Such cases.

  8. I will be as concise as possible, instead of scribbling long tirades for half a page to chew everything from A to Z

    To understand that cattle in the world always at all times was, is and will be and from this there is no escape. It is necessary, it is useful, working in factories and producing for you, my dear, various goods, which you use very ungratefully and boldly, without thinking who watered the apple tree so that you can eat. This is a small price to pay for such a blessing, and the world rests on them. But think about it, how smart and not a redneck are you to be with the elite and control the world?

  9. The turn I'm about to take you through may reveal some amazing things to you. Do you get thrown off balance by a random person's stupid questions? Irrational decisions of your management? God forbid, maybe you are bakes from the comments of someone on the Internet? I'm afraid I have some bad news. You haven't gone far. Come to show off your intelligence when you can find the strength to deal with the aforementioned stimuli with dignity.

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