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  1. Realize that:

    1. The very fact that such a question has been brought out indicates that we are not yet ready to solve the problem. (The question should be your internal question-a question to yourself)

    2. You can't become self-sufficient by any algorithm or recipe. Self-creation is creativity, ” riding into the unknown.”

    3. You can't become self-sufficient by someone else's recipe. My colleague's answer above is undoubtedly significant and useful for self-development, but it is unlikely that self-sufficiency will be found as a result.�

    4. Finding self-sufficiency is not a prize at the finish line, but a new horizon of opportunities… responsibility. Good luck!

  2. Start by listing the signs of self-sufficiency – how you personally understand self-sufficiency.�

    Then list the signs of self-sufficiency that you will find in yourself.�

    Use the second list to make a list of problems, and make problems into tasks (because the problem is unsolvable, but the problem is solvable).

    Solve problems.

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