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  1. Live for today. After all, most often all the garbage in your head appears because of the endless analysis of the past and a strong fear for your future. That's all.

  2. Start with a simple exercise.�

    Ten minutes of quiet contemplation. Choose any place, sit or stand still for ten minutes just watching what is happening in your field of vision.�

    Turn off the phone, try not to remember anything, do not conduct an internal dialogue, do not imagine. Just watch.

    Do this every day at any time. Strengthen this neural connection.

    Among other things, this is a good exercise for beginners-artists, writers, and photographers.

  3. Just as we need body hygiene, we also need mental hygiene. Garbage in the brain is a fixed connection in a network of connections. The more often the signal passes through these connections, the stronger these connections become. Conversely, if the signal almost never passes through them, these connections naturally thin out and eventually disappear as if they never existed. Therefore, it is useful to train your mind so that it forms those connections that make a person happy, and there are no connections that cause problems. To do this, you need to filter the information flow. You can use the concept of harm as a filter. If information can cause harm to the person or other people, then you need to protect yourself from it. Conversely, in the information flow, you need to access information that will definitely be useful as often as possible. Try to clean up your social media feed, calmly remove all sources of stupidity and aggression from it, add sources of joy and useful knowledge, and make sure that the feed becomes more meaningful and free.

    To distract yourself from an obsessive problem thought, you can come up with a meditative exercise for yourself. For example, you can concentrate on your breathing, calmly breathe naturally, watching the flow of air coming out. So observe 10 breaths and 10 exhalations. You can imagine that in-breaths are like steps on a bridge from the world of bad thoughts to the world of good thoughts. At the end of the exercise, you can imagine something joyful and useful.

  4. This is a complex and long process of self-improvement. No single technique will help this. Unless you are going to go to the forest and survive there. Then the thoughts will definitely have to gather in a bunch))).

    And in General:

    1. choose one goal or a set of tactical goals aimed at one strategic one.
    2. Remove from your environment everything that does not meet this goal: news, virtual friends, real acquaintances, books, things, movies, TV shows, bookmarks in the browser, various tricks.
    3. surround yourself only with things and people that are directly or indirectly related to your goal. Contribute to it.
    4. Compact your schedule.
    5. Take on additional tasks that somehow move you towards the goal.
    6. start learning something new and useful for the goal.
      In any case, in the first few months, garbage in your thinking will get out and get in the way. even with the full implementation of all of the above. But patience and following the chosen path will gradually erase them and thinking will acquire a concentrated direction.

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