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  1. You may want to consider contacting a specialist. This would help to confirm or exclude variants with body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders, which often come with it “in the kit”. In addition, complaints of dissatisfaction with yourself and your appearance can be accompanied by social anxiety disorder (known as social phobia) and depressive disorder.

    If my suspicions are confirmed, then the worst thing you can do is try to cure yourself by following the advice on the Internet. Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), the symptoms of which are excessive preoccupation with one's appearance (thinking about it for more than 1 hour a day); obsessive attempts to hide any defects in one's appearance (choosing clothes ,using cosmetics) or other obsessive behavior (looking at the defect in the mirror, trying to suppress obsessive thoughts about appearance and distract from them); severe distress from the first two symptoms (judging by the fact that you write about the problem in a negative way and have already tried to solve it yourself, you meet this criterion) requires the help of a mental health specialist (psychologist or psychiatrist).

    The standard solution to this problem is cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT for BDD is somewhat similar to CBT for obsessive-compulsive disorder and includes diagnostics (many BDD sufferers also suffer from depression, in which case the therapy should address both of these problems), exposure therapy with response prevention (for example, learning to look at photos of models without self-flagellation, looking in the mirror and not approaching it to see the defect more clearly, going outside without trying to hide the defect) and cognitive therapy (testing predictions about what or other behavior (or introduction of a new one), modification of negative beliefs about yourself). As a rule, the course of therapy takes from 8 to 16 weeks.

  2. Once to my beloved uncle(he was very dark-skinned, bald and thin and far from handsome) when he was sitting in a restaurant, a drunken Russian ambal came up and said-I don't like your face! My uncle was a pugnacious and witty man, and he answered ambal-I don't like my face all my life and I put up with it, but you can't stand it for half an hour while I eat? This answer made the big guy laugh so much that he and his friends dragged him to pubs for a week…

    The answer is to you-be more fun, develop and appearance is needed at first, and then everything is decided by charisma and other personality qualities

  3. First of all, realize that your death is inevitable. Yes, it's sad, but you don't want to spend such a short life hating yourself.�

    1) According to Buddhists, all people are beautiful. Realize that you are a unique phenomenon of nature. Your eyes, nose, lips, face shape, all this is unique. After all, we do not scold flowers for not being bright enough, or not smelling delicious enough, we just admire them, so we need to admire people in the same way.

    2) Understand that the most important thing is the soul. With the most congregational girl in the world, no one will be with her if she is a s*ka. Sooner or later, you'll realize that it's not the book cover that matters most. And it's not a stupid consolation.

    Love not yourself, but life

  4. Hatred can be redirected to moving towards goals, hating yourself and others is getting better, striving for your ideal, sitting on your ass and saying: “What(oops)I'm dumb”-you will hate yourself all your life,I know by my own example, no treatments and super techniques will help here, your only doctor is a mirror.Go to the gym, start paying close attention to your appearance, change your wardrobe,and learn science.Even if you are really unlucky with your appearance, people quickly get tired of the outer shell and the future chosen one (tse)will live with your soul, not your face.

  5. To begin with, it is necessary to find the origins of this hatred. Sometimes the reason is because of childhood injuries (for example, when a child is beaten, he can start hating his body), sometimes it is because there is a negative image of himself inside, which is expressed through the body, for example, being fat means for a girl that she is lazy, and for this quality she hates herself, because she subconsciously believes that hating herself will help her change. There are many different reasons for hating your appearance, and you need to identify them in order to really love yourself.

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