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  1. I can't help you cure or even classify this phenomenon. But I would advise you to look for a place for maximum privacy, far away from home, by the time it rolls on. If you live in the countryside, it is desirable to have a place in the city, even if it is small. If you live in a city, then the opposite is true. And so that there is no one around you in everyday life. Take more walks there. It should work!

  2. It is good that you have asked this question, this is the first step to healing. The second step is to determine what you want to feel for other people and things instead of hatred . When a clear goal is set, look for ways to achieve it that are right for you : meditation, physical education classes.activity, car repair, in general, some kind of activity that you like, with the help of which you sort of disconnect from the outside world and are present in the present moment. Plus, the exclusion of annoying factors from life, regular nutrition and prolonged sleep. This will be enough for the first time, and then your sincere desire to become calmer will tell you the best course of action.

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