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  1. I found this method about six months ago and since then I have been practicing it daily, which helps me to be creative and not feel depressed during difficult times.

    The method is described on the website junona.org it sounds like this:

    “Standing up straight, stretch your arms out and slowly bring your hands, tightly clenched into a fist, closer to your shoulders as you inhale. At the same time, strain the arm muscles as much as possible (until the tremor appears). This should continue for a full breath.

    Then abruptly return the clenched hands to the starting position (stretch forward) and return to the shoulders again. While holding your breath, repeat the movement three to four times. Then lower your relaxed arms down and slowly exhale.

    With the apparent complexity of the exercise, it is quite possible to master. Its effectiveness depends on how quickly the hand movements are made, but they should not be convulsive. And yet-you need to hold your breath not violently, but calmly, without causing a sharp rush of blood to the head.”

    And it actually works, at least for me. Performing the exercise for 30 minutes with a 30-second break, divided into 4 sets during the day, allows the mood and overall emotional state to remain at a high level, which makes creative work much more effective.

    There is a small drawback to this method – it is physical fatigue from daily exercise, but green tea helps well from it-3 large cups a day and fatigue will not accumulate.

  2. The answer lies in the question itself: to make an emotional enrichment or uplift. I don't want to say or advise banal hackneyed things, but it is important to change only a few simple nuances and life will become much and qualitatively better, and it is much easier to do this than it seems: 1. Nutrition, full of vitamins and microelements. 2. Monitor the level of dopamine and serotonin, simply please yourself and get satisfaction from what brings it to you( delicious food, sex, walking, shopping, traveling). 3. Change the environment, make colors in your life, bright colors. Often, people are affected by the weather itself and the climate in which they live, people living near the equator are more likely to experience depression than residents of Scandinavian countries. I'm not saying change the city to a tropical one, but even if you live in a bright environment, replace a 60-watt light bulb with a 100-watt one, you will already feel the difference and deceive your brain and consciousness. Traveling not even far away and in your native country also brings new emotions and impressions, meeting new people. 4. Sports, physical activity, or exercise. It is also very individual, not everyone needs to carry iron, for some it may well be badminton or table tennis, yoga. All this socializes the person, physical tone promotes mental unloading and the brain discharges and freezes when the body is working. 5.Get a dog or any other animal, it will not let you get bored. Ideally, of course, this is a child, but for starters, an animal is also suitable. 6. find a new match. 7. start a hobby. 8. find a team that would be close to you in spirit and join it, make friends, perhaps with one or two people who are not connected with your work or ordinary life.9. save your impressions, remember them, treat them carefully and share them with other people, because modern cameras and phones, social networks allow it. and most importantly: never compare yourself with anyone.

  3. People often say that if they are tired after two shifts at the factory, if they are not doing well, it is because they are emotionally tired. In other words, they confuse physical, physical exhaustion with emotional, spiritual or just a bad mood.

    There are several ways to solve this problem, proven over the years.

    Step one – go to bed.

    Everyone knows that due to lack of sleep, even the notorious two hours a day, there is a lack of coordination of movements, a decrease in concentration and memory. I personally sleep 8 hours a day, including 6 hours of traditional nighttime sleep and 2 hours of daytime, after lunch. Observing this mode, you spend the energy that you received at night for study/work, and daytime sleep falls on everyday life, which is less costly for the body.

    Step tu – take showers and baths more often (before and after working hours)

    Water treatments are one of the best anti-stress treatments at the level of the act of love ( you can combine them, heh heh)

    And finally, to help with the understanding of physical or spiritual problems, help the power engineers.

    Take two bottles of a good energy drink with taurine and actually take it as intended. If life starts playing in you after that, congratulations, you're just tired.

  4. I usually go to bed in this case, because I don't want anything else and it will perfectly restore your strength.

    Maybe there are other ways, I hope that I will learn something new

  5. My colleagues and I often have to deal with psychological burnout, as it is also called – our work is dark and full of horrors. Therefore, we paid special attention to this problem, engaged our specialist psychotherapist and teacher, and developed internal recommendations for maintaining a stable emotional background and motivation of the Center's employees. I share a brief summary:

    1. Think about the place of work in your life. It may be very important. Do you sacrifice your personal life, family, and self-development for her? All these areas are important for a person, and failure in at least one of them will sooner or later lead to failure in all the others. Restore balance to your life by paying attention to the area that you have “abandoned”. As young scientists are advised, ” get out of the lab – there's life outside of it, too.”

    2. To protect themselves from the loss of resources, the burnout person tries to distance themselves from people as much as possible. However, it is emotional communication – with colleagues, friends, and family – that is the key to recuperating. Get it back for yourself. In addition to helping with burnout, it is also a good prevention of professional personality deformity.

    3. Try to remember what exactly led you to this state. It probably all started with the fact that you took on excessive obligations or excess work. Why did this happen? What did you want to achieve? By tracking the cause, you can understand exactly what makes you vulnerable to work stress.

    4. Sometimes we get so caught up in the process that we lose track of what's happening. Remember what you're working for. Think about your goals and motivation – this way you will return meaning to your life and become invulnerable. A good example is Viktor Frankl, who managed to save himself in a concentration camp.
    5. Take the time to search for the resource. What gives you the opportunity to recuperate? Sleep, go to the movies with friends, read your favorite book over a cup of coffee? Allow yourself this. It may not feel better at one time, but it will allow you to gradually rehabilitate yourself.
    6. Get rid of excess voltage. Autogenic training, trance and breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation are suitable for this purpose.
  6. Since my train of growing up goes through the First Psychotherapist station, I will share my mini-experience, since this is the phrase I heard last week.�

    In my case, everything is really very bad – to the point that suicide is not an option for me, simply because I am not sure of my abilities. Don't be like Inna and don't bring it to this. In my case, it is recommended to leave work (which is very emotionally exhausting for me) and study indefinitely – well, this is primarily due to significant health problems. At least for a month or two, to make up for the balance of power. To make your strength appear faster, they prescribed some medications. Well, that is, not any: I found out in the process of writing the answer that these are tranquilizers, but. It's been a very long time since I've been so normal – without thoughts of suicide more often than 1 p a day and tantrums in the phone to friends from feeling tired. But this is just like a story in the piggy bank of answers, and this is a) a completely extreme situation b) it's not a fact that the right approach is at all �

    But my conclusion as of 08.10.2016: Do not try to spur a dead horse, eat properly and sleep longer.

  7. As correctly noted above, you need a healthy sleep. Very desirable.

    Secondly, it is worth looking for a way to temporarily reduce the flow of familiar information, familiar impressions, and at the same time start looking for other sources. Any,, just poke your finger.

    Try to limit yourself in disputes, proceedings, and take a break, if possible, from people who take a lot of effort to contact you. Watch your favorite videos, movies, cartoons, and read your favorite books.

    If there are no contraindications and excess weight, eat milk and bitter chocolate and generally allow yourself some sweets.

    Try to spend one or two days or at least evenings in complete relaxation. Forgetting about business, current problems. Just you and the rest. It is sometimes difficult, but you will try.

    If the situation is difficult, go to a therapist. Spit on the stereotypes that we have in our society. A psychotherapist is not a psychiatrist. People need his services just as much as they need the services of God's stricter language. Go and find the right specialist for you.

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