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  1. It can also be a psychological problem.�

    Let's say you've been feeling tired all day, or something is happening in your life that's causing you anxiety. Before going to bed, you should ventilate the room, sometimes a sloppy sleeping appearance plays a role. Relax with music, a bath, a book, but not social networks. Sum up the positive results of the outgoing day, digest everything that happened. This is exactly the method I use when problems arise, which is quite effective and practical

  2. As a child, I used to play the game “who opens his eyes is a fool” with myself. Yes, it can be stupid, but effective. You can also include boring shows, audiobooks, and classical music.

  3. Try more serious substances,such as atarax/diazepam/phenosepam.But to do this, you need a prescription from a doctor,so first you need to go directly to him.Or try to increase the dose of your usual pills,but this is fraught with tolerance or addiction.It always helped me to have a good night's work,so you can sleep rough after that.
    enjoy your dreams!

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