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  1. I don't care what I look like; the whole focus of attention is on what I will give THEM, on THEIR benefits, on THEIR result from my report. Tell them about it: both what you are worried about and what is important – THEIR result.

    So report it)

    People value you when you're THERE FOR THEM.

    For this, a lot will be forgiven and not noticed at all.

    But all this works only when you REALLY have something to give them that is really useful for them. Imitation generally “does not roll” – people recognize this subtly and instantly.

    Good luck!)

  2. Strong excitement is often based on:

    • internal confidence in the existence of high standards of behavior;

    • fear of a mistake that is perceived not just as a mistake, a blot, but as a social disaster…

    If you manage to lower the bar of expectations, then fear also decreases, because it grows on high self-expectations.

  3. It is important to be prepared and in good shape. To do this, you should get enough sleep (if a really important performance, then try to get enough sleep for 2-3 days before it). There are a lot of tips about being prepared and dealing with nervousness during the report. Both useful and not so much. Here are the ones that seem sensible to me:

    • 10 recommendations from the famous Guy Kawasaki, ex-Apple evangelist and one of the most famous business speakers. In short: train hard, don't try to sell something, don't offend your competitors, and don't perform if you don't have at least one really interesting idea.�

    • TED is a famous platform for public speaking, where real maestros of rhetoric perform. Here's what TED curator Chris Anderson, a former editor-in-chief of Wired and the author of the famous “long tail” theory, advises:
      stick to one idea, don't blur;
      give listeners a reason to empathize;
      build a story based on concepts known to the audience;
      put forward an idea that you want to share

    Well, it is important to remember what NOT to do. Check out 6 Really bad Tips�for those who are nervous, and never do that.

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