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    1. First, check with a specialist for clinical depression) Well, or at least pass the Beck depression test, and if there are high scores – definitely go to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Test yourself on the search engine…
    2. And if there is no depression-oh! then it's existential. You are simply faced with the truth: there is no objective meaning, you will die, you will be forgotten (“I am Ozymandias, I am a powerful king of kings…”), or simply – if nothing special is done, nothing special will ever happen to you (“despair is most often the result of inaction”).

    And cho?)

    I mean, yes, life itself is hopeless; that's right. How will you handle this? – This is, if not the disease “depression”, then a point in your life is extremely interesting and important. Creative anticipation. I have no idea what you're going to have there.

    If you don't run away to drink, it will be born.

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