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  1. It depends on what yardstick to measure. I think everyone has their own sense of proportion.But how to live in a society where everyone has their own assessment criteria is a serious question? What is normal for one is unacceptable for the other. It seems to me that it is impossible to find a balance, since there are no clear boundaries between the lower and upper points,everything is relative.You can certainly focus on your conscience,but not everyone listens to it.So psychology,today, is unlikely to give an answer to this question.

  2. Kapets what an important question, in my opinion. Only here everything is quite simple – there is no measure. You can be obtrusive and talkative with everyone, but only some will appreciate it highly and consider it your main merit, while others, on the contrary, will get tired and say, they say, the measure does not know.

    A sense of proportion is not an internal regulator, but an external one. This measure is determined by your environment. Therefore, to find a sense of proportion – to choose the very team in which everyone (including yourself) will be pleased with your sincerity and your true “I”.

    A “golden mean”, balance… I think it's all from the evil one. First, it is not working on yourself, but bringing yourself under the generally accepted norms of behavior. This makes some people faceless, while others are completely broken. Secondly, one way or another, you will not please everyone. But is it necessary at all? 🙂

  3. A sense of proportion and balance are essential to living in harmony with others and with yourself. Disharmony always leads to unnecessary problems. How can I achieve balance? Each of your actions must be compared with your duty (your responsibilities). And to do this, you need to know what your duty is in each specific case.�

    For example: You may want to eat at night, but it's your duty to keep your body healthy. You know that eating at night is unhealthy, so you don't do it. As a result, you are in harmony with this world. The same principle can be applied to any situation …�

    But the problem is that we perceive any debt as a restriction on our freedom and as a result we are forced to live in disharmony all our lives, suffer and get sick. Doing your duty is not a prison sentence , but a platform for happiness and harmony.

  4. If it's not about your feelings, but about someone else's, just evaluate someone else's comfort zone, take the place of another. But still, it is better to turn to yourself. A sense of proportion is a sense of inner stability and balance. You can define your own boundaries through this feeling. As soon as it gives way to discomfort, guilt, or suspicion-that's all, you need to switch to a new behavior strategy. This feeling does not fail. The subconscious mind has already calculated everything in advance and is waiting for the decision of consciousness.

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