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  1. Analytical thinking is very closely related to logic. Therefore, by solving problems of logical thinking, you can get an analytical mindset, reorienting your worldview. Solve puzzles, riddles, crosswords, complex puzzles, solve riddles. Good luck and patience!

  2. In addition to the above, there is also a well-defined method. There is a concept of mobile intelligence, which means the ability to concentrate on the current task and hold the necessary data needed at the moment. The classic way to train this ability is called “n-back”, there are many programs that you can use to practice this technique.

  3. I agree with GEORGY VERNER's answer.

    As stupid as it may sound, I started thinking corny things.”.

    Think about each of your actions, and then it just became a habit.

    It all started with Dota. I started playing games, thinking about my every action there, and that's how everything turned into real life. Just try giving a report to each of your current and next actions.

  4. ALIBEK, since you asked me to respond… I can't agree with the previous speakers: logic has nothing to do with it and nothing to do with it at the same time, just like the notorious IQ. Смотря Depends on what�and / or who�you want to analyze? The user information says that you are a student. So the plan is as follows:�

    1) finish your studies at school,�

    2) go to any university for a bachelor's degree (the “base” is needed) and bite into your studies hard,сильно

    3) choose a further specialization – already more consciously and purposefully, then-constantly improve your skills (study is eternal),�

    4) in your free time from the previous points:�

    • fall in love,�

    • read books,�

    • play chess and backgammon (just like that! and not on-line, but with live opponents),�

    • engage in any kind of creativity and physical education,

    • communicate with different people,�

    • travel,�

    • earn money.�

    And may analytical thinking come! 🙂

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