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  1. To begin with, everything in this world is rigidly deterministic and randomness is not random. Where the conscious mind has no power, the subconscious mind works there, and it is not irrational, it is logical and intelligent. So much so that it solves even kinematic problems. You can delegate some of the responsibility to him, this will be the expected result for you, because the ways of the subconscious mind are mysterious. Just say goodbye to reflection, give up on it in any manifestations and everything will be as you need.

  2. Start with simple and pleasant things: instead of a pair of identical socks, wear different ones in the morning. And instead of getting ready in 10 minutes, run back and forth around the apartment all 20))) from irrationality, too, gets tired, believe me.

  3. Imho, you are going in the wrong direction.

    First of all, what is the problem, and why can logical thinking get in the way? If it interferes because it takes a lot of time, doubts are superfluous, etc. , then logical thinking should not be abandoned, but on the contrary, it should be intensively trained and at the same time develop observation skills, analyze even insignificant facts. Why such strange advice? – Because by doing so, you gain the experience and speed of thinking that will eventually become the spontaneity and apparent ease that you are striving for. It's like any other training session: it seems that martial artists move very easily and at ease, ballet dancers easily flutter around the stage, and the soldier automatically and” without control ” collects AK.

    That is, analysis and reflection should not be abandoned, but rather greatly accelerated, so that they occur spontaneously.

    If the point is a little different – namely, irrationality, intuition, then “develop irrational thinking” is also an incorrect statement of the problem. There is no such special “irrational thinking”, so it can only seem from the outside to a completely distant person. It is like asking a magician how to develop a magic skill if you are not privy to the mystery of a magic trick.

    From the inside, “irrational thinking” is quite connected, it's just that the relationships in it are not logical, but, say, symbolic.

    Here you can develop intuition-through training to observe everything around you, for the most insignificant details, for your feelings, which are also the most unobvious, try various techniques, at least “automatic writing” and so on.That is, train not logical, but the same symbolic connections, but still through training and observation.

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