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  1. How to develop thinking skills in 2 weeks?

    Two weeks without computer games, social network.networks and other things and now you already look like a thinking person. Reading only useful information, learning a foreign language, and working on a specific project will do the rest.

  2. I will give you some simple tips, without further ado.
    1) Start reading Plato's dialogues. Interesting, exciting, difficult in moderation, not much in volume(each individual). For example, start with the dialog “Phaedo” or “Feast ” or”Phaedrus”. Think about what you've read. How do I know what needs to be considered? You should not understand what is written, so this fragment should be considered. You can think like this, for example, by asking yourself the question “How is this possible? “or”How can I say it more simply?”
    2) Mathematics. Take the textbook and answer book Skanavi, these are classic Soviet books for preparing applicants to the top technical universities of the USSR. Compared to Plato, there is a big plus, since there is a criterion for success in the form of correct problem solving.
    3) Logic. I recommend the textbook by Bocharov and Markin called “Introduction to Logic”. The material there is excellent, there are tasks.
    Sobsna, improve the quality of thinking in 2 weeks will work, even after learning a little bit of the material.
    Good luck!

  3. You need to limit yourself from the world around you as much as possible. A room with bare walls. In such a room, there is nothing left but to develop thinking.

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