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  1. Falling in love is a more superficial feeling than love. But falling in love can also turn into love. Love is when you realize that you can live with this person for the rest of your life. When you wake up together, you're already happy. When you think about it (in many aspects) more than about yourself, but without sacrifice. When you can be who you are with her.

  2. Falling in love lasts for several months, is accompanied by violent emotions, and then fades away. Love lasts for years, thoughts about a loved one do not go away with time, but can only be blunted, there is no reassessment of the object and situation.

  3. Personally, I have defined the following criterion for myself: if my own experience is more important for me in the process of love/falling in love, if my “I want” is more important for me, it is falling in love.
    If another person is more important to me, then it's love.

  4. No way. Love is a feeling that comes with time, and not quickly formed in a few weeks/months. You will realize that you love when you are able to forgive a person more than other people, when you are ready to work on relationships and invest in them, when you learn to respect and compromise. This feeling is largely indicative, it is demonstrated by actions, first of all, and you will come to the realization of this feeling yourself without extraneous definitions. Passion, romance, caring — not love in itself, these are just the smallest components of it.

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