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  1. These are hypnagogic hallucinations. They occur before falling asleep, usually after a busy day (impressions, intense mental work, video games). You may be slowly metabolizing (breaking down) dopamine, which accumulates throughout the day. It is its excess in the brain that usually causes productive (hallucinations) symptoms. At least 2 hours before bedtime, you need to give your brain a break from dopamine (social networks, games, mental work). Scientists even studied the influence of the game Tetris, because for many, this game caused hallucinations in the form of falling blocks before going to bed, or, at least, people mentally continued to play before going to bed and often dreamed of Tetris. Tetris, like other video games, triggers the production of dopamine. And, if it is slowly destroyed, the brain gives out such symptoms. In my experience, smoking makes these things worse.
    Destroys dopamine enzyme COMT. If your brain is genetically slow, you get a lot of dopamine in your head.

  2. Perhaps this is due to a malfunction of the brain. Before falling asleep, the brain already sees something similar to dreams, but consciousness is not yet turned off. You get glitches. This also happens in mentally healthy people. Perhaps due to fatigue, excitement, or a large flow of information.

  3. Voices and hallucinations can occur in people who have a sound psyche. The sound vector is dominant, its desires are immaterial. When the desires of the sound vector are not satisfied, a person can feel the meaninglessness of life, depression, a sense of meaninglessness of everything that is happening. This can be accompanied by delusions, hallucinations, auditory and visual illusions. In this state, the sound engineer can talk to himself, talk to dead people, see ghosts, and communicate with otherworldly entities. All this indicates unsatisfied sound desires, lack, emptiness in the sound vector, which manifests itself in the form of hallucinations, voices, visions, etc. Non-physical pain is something that cannot be hidden or bought off. A person's thoughts arise regardless of his conscious efforts, they depend on the internal state and cannot be controlled by a person. Psychiatric disorders, anxiety, disorders, memory problems — all of this has a single nature of occurrence. Where there is great potential for realization, there is scope for great suffering if this potential is not realized. A person with a sound vector has a huge amount of desire for the disclosure of the psyche, for concentration on meanings, for mental activity. If the child was traumatized by shouting and insults as a child or did not find fulfillment in society, then all his potential for understanding will turn against him. Thinking disorders, obsessive thoughts, voices in the head — this is the reverse side of the genius of the sound engineer.

  4. See a neurologist ! As soon as possible ! Probably nothing serious , but it is better to be safe with a specialist . And another tip : before going to bed , do not watch movies, play on your phone . Even if you can't fall asleep-go to another room, drink water, look out the window, but in bed games, social networks. Social networks, movies are contraindicated .

  5. Usually, before falling asleep, I notice how the noise in my head increases, then I hear voices (familiar and unfamiliar) the meaning of the phrase is very difficult to make out

    Then I think I've opened my eyes, as if I don't want to sleep and, say, I'm playing on my phone or computer. Everything looks real, except that the colors are richer and more contrasting in the dark. Sometimes during the visual years, the body begins to tremble.

    I don't get enough sleep from this, I have a lot of dreams, they are very bright, but I feel tired in the morning.

    It bothers me mostly because I don't know when I'm sleeping and when I'm awake at night.

  6. Schizophrenia? Drugs? People, I feel a bit ashamed reading your comments. This phenomenon has long been known to science, called “Sleep paralysis”. Nmyagko terrible he does not represent, a couple of times in life happens to almost everyone. This is a situation when the body begins to fall asleep and dream, but consciousness has not yet turned off (it happens when you are overworked) then you see hallucinations, feel numbness of the body, noises, etc. Religious people think that this is an evil spirit, people who know understand that this is akin to a daydream. My friend specially drank energy drinks and stayed up for a long time to experience this state before going to bed. I could see bright purple spots outside the window, as if people were walking there, talking about philosophy. On the 7th floor)) in general, Google sleep paralysis, an interesting condition. And you get a good night's sleep, you need to protect your nervous system 🙌 🏻

  7. Hallucination (novolat. hallucinatio alucinatio-meaningless chatter, delusions) Hallucinations occur with severe fatigue, alcohol consumption, certain psychotropic substances, and certain mental and neurological diseases.

    Frequent or prolonged (over many years) hallucinations are characteristic of schizophrenia, and the presence of such hallucinations is associated with a negative prognosis of treatment.

    Lady Wicca.

    stop using drugs, devote yourself to sanity and all sorts of nonsense (galyuns) will not go away-otherwise it can develop into psycho-neurology, schizophrenia and so on.

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