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  1. There are four aspects here: 1. Binary opposition-women traditionally wear their hair longer, men-shorter, therefore, the most masculine men should eliminate them altogether, and the most feminine women wear difficult-to-care accumulations of 2 meters in length (and there are many of them). 2. Practical need-indeed, for social groups that are often involved in dangerous male professions (firefighters, policemen, wrestlers, bandits, etc.), there is a need to shave their hair so that they do not help the enemy in a fight or interfere with their work. 3. Traditions – in closed male communities (monasteries, armies, prisons), until recently it was necessary to shave the contingent in order to prevent the spread of lice, bedbugs and fleas. And the shaven head in the sense associated with brutal belligerent men. 4. Freudianism – when a man enters a solid age, his hair often becomes very thin at the same time and his sexual activity decreases significantly. In order not to be so ashamed, it is easier to shave off the remaining hair altogether. And so that no one suspects that his masculine powers are no longer what they used to be (because the inner voice is constantly hissing in his ears, that everyone around him sees and knows it), you have to shout about your masculine masculinity everywhere, start talking in a hoarse bass, start riding a motorcycle and going to a rocking chair, get addicted to surfing and This is called a “midlife crisis”, and “gray hair in the beard-a demon in the rib”, etc. And these hyper-compensating men become the most ardent propagandists of macho masculinity and fashion for shaved heads. Women partly help shape this mythology, because they have created a myth about not only increased sexual activity (this is true), but also the sexual ability of bald men.

    This is not such a long-standing phenomenon, it is no more than 50 years old, according to my estimates. The Romans laughed at the naked heads (if they were not priests), and considered a short, neat haircut as a symbol of masculinity, and long hair for men-a sign of barbarians. Throughout the Middle Ages and Modern times, long hair was worn by everyone in the civilized world, regardless of lice and wars. When the reign of wigs came, long hair fell out of fashion as impractical. And then the stereotypes returned to the Roman ones. No wonder the hippies blew up the Western world with their fashion. And after the hippies, everyone began to go as they wanted. Until English football fans gave the bald head a new charisma, giving rise to the skin movement in the late 1970s.

  2. So it's very practical and convenient! For all indicators.

    1) The price of a haircut is very affordable. You can also shave at home even by yourself and absolutely free of charge (if you have a typewriter)

    2) Hair dries very quickly and is easy to wash

    3) In the morning, do not waste time combing your hair

    4) Fresh in summer

    5) In winter, it is also convenient – I took off my hat, and my hairstyle did not spoil)

    6) If a man is engaged in martial arts, then this is an important aspect – the opponent will not be able to grab his hair. And it is not necessary to engage in martial arts – the street is full of hopots, we do not live in an illusory world. You have to be prepared

    Only amenities! Stop sucking the “cults of masculine societies”out of your finger) First of all, the question should be answered from the economic and practical side. Those countries that the author can attribute to these “societies” are most often poor. Gopnik, masculine), toxic man, oppressor, oppressor of women, cisgendornoy huemrazyu can be with long hair!

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