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  1. I will try to explain this from the point of view of science. Normal human microflora is characterized by the mechanism of social behavior – Quorum sensing. As a rule, it is included to preserve the population in conditions of nutrient deficiency. Micro-organisms that are part of the microflora can transmit molecular signals to each other. Therefore, there is an opinion that a kind of communication can occur between people due to such a biofilm, and a similar composition of microorganisms attracts us at the molecular level.

  2. separated relatives, infa sotka)

    .. well, according to the mind, since visual contact took place, probably something in the appearance of a stranger seemed familiar/close/native. It can also be just an association with some image from childhood. Or people may have crossed paths before, but they don't remember them – in public transport, for example.�

    in one of my favorite movies, a guy sees the “ghost” of a strange girl lying in a coma. Just him. As it turned out, it was because they were supposed to be friends on a blind date, but of course they didn't meet.�

    Not in the subject, but maybe here “fate” has a place to be?)

  3. It's very simple, they have similar views on life.�
    Oh, if you could meet someone as carefree as me, then you could shoot a new part of Dumb and Dumber

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