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  1. I think we should make it clear that getting out of your own ” comfort zone “should not break into other people's”comfort zones”.

    We were all taught at school: “Your freedom and rights end where the freedom and rights of others begin.” It is worth simply paraphrasing part of this judgment and letting the person understand their validity.

  2. What do you mean beyond comfort? “you mean' through the thorns'(to the stars)?�

    Without a doubt, if these are not the thorns that lead to the “stars”, then it is necessary to explain that these are not the”beyond” ones.

    “Beyond comfort” is something else. For example, “to achieve something, you should limit yourself to something.” Another way of understanding is: “The truth, like everything beautiful in this world, has a beneficial effect only on those who have experienced the cruel influence of lies. Truth is the hidden feeling that teaches us to enjoy life and makes us wish for this joy for all people “(Khalil D. Gibran).

    After all. it is recommended to go beyond comfort in order not to get used to hothouse conditions, so that the brain has experience not only of stereotypical tasks, but also performs tasks that are not typical for it.

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