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  1. I don't want to go to the movies when my friends invite me to see blockbusters. I don't like most radio stations because they play pop hits. From the outside, it probably looks like I'm trying to look different. But no. The problem is not in blockbusters and hits( among them there are periodically decent things), I just heard hackneyed hit harmonies and techniques a million times, and the plot of a blockbuster can be predicted without seeing a single frame from it.

    Does this put me above others? No.

    Do I put myself above others because of this? That's the right question, Detective.

    There is no connection between “not like everyone else” and “above others”. Filtering out what you are not particularly interested in is the right and normal thing to do. And if at the same time you try to be a good person in life under any circumstances,then you will not have to look for a balance.

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