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  1. In yourself. Happiness is your natural state. Misery is alluvial. You don't need reasons for happiness, you need them for sadness. Remove the causes that give rise to sadness – you will be happy. How to do it? The only way is to decideunderstand that by and large there are no reasons for worrysadnesssadnessunhappiness, that you just made them up, they are all just in your head. And then they will disappear, dissolve in the light of your awareness. Then, except for happiness, there will be nothing left. Look for happiness in reviewing your attitude to what you care about, causes negative emotions. Love everything, whatever it is – you will be happy.

  2. When the business that you do brings you inspiration, a charge of emotions, development and, among other things, income – you will always be on a positive wave. Add to this a loving family and loyal friends and a person and you will become one of the happiest people on earth.

  3. It seems to me that “starting with yourself” is a bit difficult, so I'll go through the practical part of the question.

    Here, Dan Gilbert examines the main drivers of happiness that everyone is discussing: money, marriage, and children. (https://youtu.be/BwQFSc9mHyA). Overall conclusion: money makes you happier (up to $60k a year), marriage makes you happier (as well as divorce), children-not so much.

    Plus, I can recommend the book “Spark”, which is about sports. The author there insists that you become happier from sports (cardio) and social contacts. Here.

    Well, this is all a tactical decision, of course. In the strategic plan, everything seems to have already been said. 🙂

  4. In yourself.

    You need to love yourself. Your own habits. Your appearance. Your character.

    Love what you do.

    If you don't try something new, hone the skill of mastering the old one. Love yourself and what you do, and then life will take on its own colors.

  5. Happiness is there, I will eat. I was, I am, I will be.

    Happiness and unhappiness follow each other like winter and summer.

    Happiness will chase those who are not afraid to accept suffering for the sake of others ' happiness.

  6. However, people continue to seek happiness, trying to change their lifestyle. And despite the unfortunate experience of their ancestors, many today continue to strive for wealth, power, better health or pleasure, hoping to find happiness in this. The search continues because almost everyone believes deep down that happiness is not an imaginary state. They hope that happiness is not a distant dream. Then the question arises: “How do I find it?”
    The fact is that each of us needs to develop spirituality in order to be happy. Although man was originally created in the image of God, he has become estranged from his Creator
    Therefore, each of us needs to take certain steps to establish and develop a spiritual relationship with the Creator.Knowledge of the Creator and his intentions is available to all. The Bible, published in billions of copies in many languages, remains the most widely distributed book in the world. The Bible can help you become a friend of the Creator and find true happiness, because the Bible says that “blessed is the people with whom God is” (Psalm 143: 15, PP).

  7. In love. In inspiration. In some other T. S. “high” experiences. Or maybe not so high. For some, counting a lot of their money can be a blessing. 🙂
    Well, if a little more serious, then the question is very, very complex.
    And the problem is not happiness as such, but in the human consciousness, in its imperfection.
    And if I count a lot of my money, there is no guarantee that I will not consider this pile too small.
    If I am in love, then I may be unhappy because the object of my love does not return my love, or responds, but “somehow not so.” Well, etc
    . Ie, it's about some “obstacles to happiness” that prevent a person from being happy.
    Some people constructively overcome these obstacles in the process of psychological maturation without any “tricky” techniques, others do not, and it is quite difficult to calculate exactly what problems in the psyche prevent being happy, including because the reasons may be deep in the subconscious.
    But all this is surmountable, but with a condition.
    In my opinion, this condition can be formulated as follows:”if a person is not happy, then he must recognize the presence of shortcomings in his consciousness and sincerely try to correct these shortcomings.”

  8. Here everything is the same as with a good trip. You get pleasure not from reaching the end point, but from the very process of being on the road.

    So happiness lies in the very search for it.

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