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  1. You probably love your business not only because of the result, but also because of the process. If you are sure that the business can be useful, try to do it just because you like it. Then, over time, the benefits of your business will accumulate and move to a new quality. Everything in the world is connected. Even small things can cause huge consequences under the right conditions. No small matter is left without consequences. And if this business is useful, then the benefits can increase many times. If you do not find people in your environment who can benefit from the result of your work, then just remember that there are seven and a half billion people. And many of them simply do not know about your existence, although for them the result of your work is important and valuable. Remember also that in the future, too, there will be a lot of different people living, for whom it would also be possible to leave something useful behind.

  2. I'll share my opinion.�

    The meaning of life lies beyond its limits. That is, the meaning of life is what will remain after you. There are people who leave behind new technologies and works of art, and there are those who leave behind loans and debts.

    From my point of view, making sense is about increasing the scale of goals and objectives. There are people who are useful only for themselves. There are people who are useful both to themselves and to a large number of other people. The more this number is, the more specific the meaning of your activity is for you. So start dreaming about what benefits you want to bring to your city, your country, maybe the whole world. And when you decide , start small. Bring this benefit to those who are closest to you – relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.

  3. In order to make someone happy, first of all, you need to find happiness yourself. You are not disappointed in people or in life, you are disappointed in yourself. From a non-correct state, all estimates are incorrect. We look at the world, through our reflection, as we are, so is the world for us, including people. Find love for yourself, become happy. And then it doesn't matter what kind of activity you will be engaged in, for the benefit of others. If you are happy and live in harmony with yourself, this will become the basis and reason for expressing your gratitude to others, and as a result, specific situations will arise where you can help. Remember, the main thing is not what you do, but who you are at this moment, in what state you are. What matters is not the scale of the help, but your sincerity, unconditional love and gratitude in your actions.

  4. “I ran for three years, two months, fourteen days and sixteen hours. I just liked running. And the people who followed me thought I was a guru who found the meaning of life…” Forrest Gump

    Remember what has always been important to you. Very often, this motivation is lost somewhere in your dreams. Try to remember it.

    And then just do it. Inspired and dedicated. Without making excuses. Just because you think it's important. And people will follow you.

    And when there are enough of them, there will be a Great Goal for all of you.

  5. It's like I've read my own question.. .I understand how frustrating it is to feel that something that is especially important, something that has infinite value, does not find a response in the heart of another person… Most importantly, do not let thoughts creep up that will want to convince you that the problem is in you . In fact, your sincere desire to help the world is an amazing gift! And, not coincidentally, fate experiences such special people as you… . But I'm sure there should be options for continuing. For all our desires are not accidental, they want to be realized in the world. I now feel the same contradictions in my soul, I'm still trying to figure it out myself…. If you want – write to me) Together we will discuss this secret, and “what to do?”)

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