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  1. It's very simple – you should get tired of the content that you use. If you watch memes 24/7, then you can't stand anything good for yourself. Tell yourself that you don't want to live with information that doesn't bring you anything new anymore. Then start looking for sources of unique and informative content.�

    For me, this transition period from Iface comics and all sorts of meme havens to serious sources went naturally, but it took a couple of years. You can do this artificially – just unsubscribe from all junk pages and find what you like. I won't give you any ready-made Vkontakte publics or Telegram channels.You should choose what you think is informative for yourself. This will give you more confidence in your choice.�

    The most important thing in self-development, in my opinion, is the understanding that you don't know anything and the desire to cover these white spots with knowledge. Ask yourself two questions: WHAT do I not know? And HOW do I find out?

    So, let's imagine that your feed now resembles a cross-scientific journal. Now set your goals. These should be small stages in the development of any skills. Find yourself an interesting hobby that involves a lot of brain work. It will be a ChGK or the creation of drawings for various wunderwafles-it doesn't matter at all. The important thing is that you will be constantly stewing in a mess of new knowledge.�

    By the way, it is absolutely not superfluous to make a couple of friends-professors or young scientists. They are always interesting, and even disputes will be held at a much higher quality level than with other people. The environment shapes us, sets benchmarks and sets the bar.

    I hope that my generalized tips will help you at least a little.

  2. First, decide what self-development means to you . This concept, as well as success and happiness-everyone has their own. Yes, there are definitely common patterns , but there is still a difference. Most likely, you mean self-actualization .Unlocking a person's greatest potential. But this requires two things : FAITH ( not to be confused with desire) and willpower ( discipline). Without these two things, it will be difficult for you to achieve the desired result. Well, judge for yourself what are the chances of an athlete who attends training once every other time or what is the chance of achieving spiritual enlightenment for a person who meditates once a year (conditionally) . Therefore, I advise you to start by developing your WILLPOWER . How? Start with simple disciplining actions ( for example, getting up at 5 in the morning for a month ), start pouring in the morning also during this period, in addition to “pumping” your discipline, it also improves your overall well-being and is damn invigorating!!! Think of any thing that will help you develop this “muscle”. After some experience, you will realize that you have already changed… But that's not enough, so what's next ?? Next, I suggest you start small and set small goals for a week , for a month, when you understand how it is done and achieved, YOU will be able to master larger goals and DREAMS!!! Remember that everything is gradual , you can not change yourself in one year, but you can change if you do not stop. Yes, by the way, you have to believe in a dream) .

    Let the road run towards you.

    Let the wind always blow at your back.

    Let the sun shine on your face, warming you with its warmth,

    let the rains water your fields, and,

    Until we meet again…

    may God support you with His hand.

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