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  1. As another procrastinator in the past, I can share my experience.�

    So, we will need nothing but some kind of purpose in life. It is better, of course, to immediately understand the meaning of life, but this is a little more difficult to determine.�

    We have decided on our goals, and now it's time to understand what we need to do to achieve these goals: play sports, work, and read ancient philosophers in the original. And then suddenly you realize that you don't need to force yourself. You just take it and do it. With this attitude, even washing the dishes is easy, I'm already silent about forcing myself to get out of bed.�

    Good luck!

  2. You can't force yourself. Force is always violence. And a person resists violence. The word “must” is not included in the motivational system of a person, it always comes to him from outside. Parents tell the child “you have to”, and this causes him at least irritation. Any action a person performs for his own benefit, in order to satisfy some need. If a person started doing something in response to “should”, it means that they have found a need that needs to be met now in order to feel good. The child, for example, “against his will” obeys parental requirements, satisfying the need for safety (so that they do not swear, punish or encourage).
    Instead of “forcing yourself” , you can find the meaning of the intended activity, understand why I need it, what benefits I will get from the process itself and the result. When the meaning is clear and there is an answer to the question “why” violence against yourself is not necessary. If the desire to do this doesn't appear, it's probably not something that will satisfy some of your needs at the moment.

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