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  1. I don't think forcing yourself to do something like this is a good idea. For example, I didn't like to read books, especially at school, so if I had to read something, I read these books in an abbreviated format. But later I began to understand that I must be a developed, interesting person first for myself, and then for others, precisely because I live, precisely because in the future I may have children who take an example from their parents. Reading is not an obligation, but we must develop if we want to live, not exist. Only the realization of this can change your life in a coordinated way.

  2. I agree with the previous answer. Books are not the only path to development. If you do not have a soul for this, then you should not be self-aware, torment yourself. Vocabulary can be increased by using dictionaries, communicate more with interesting and intelligent people, so you will learn something new for yourself, find a topic that interests you and study it, watch movies/documentaries, attend / watch lectures on the Internet. The process of so-called self-development should be interesting for you, otherwise it simply will not give a sensible result.

  3. First, understand what you want to achieve. Let's say you want to learn retouching in Photoshop. Set a specific goal, break it down into small subtasks, practice, and solve exactly these subtasks. They will help you gain confidence and motivation. You will notice that you are doing something right, and this will help you move in the right direction.

    Now for the books. If books don't work, why do you need to get information through them? There are video courses, there are practical classes on the topic of interest with real people. If you do not perceive information well through text , this is not a problem. This is the 21st century.)

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