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  1. Only strict planning helps. Write down your goals for the next 1-3 years on paper. Then you specify what you need to do (take courses, find a job…) with an indication of the exact time and place (educational institution,…). Then you make a monthly plan, which is divided into days. And start executing. It is difficult to start, but when you see that you have started to move forward, it is stimulating. A real plan must exist on paper!!! If there is absolutely no problem with laziness, then you can take courses such as time management and self-management. But there is a lot of water, and in the center everything is also clean.

  2. If you want to achieve a certain goal, motivation alone is not enough. In fact, the whole outcome doesn't consist of how well you motivated yourself, but of your self-discipline. It is much more important than any motivation. Let's say you found the right source of motivation and started working. So you work two days, a week, but in any case you will cool down like tea. And so you just have to learn to force yourself to do something without any desire, but simply because it is necessary. Sometimes you can take a breather so that you don't start to fart at your dream, but don't stretch this vacation out for an eternity. In general, discipline, discipline and more discipline, and then you will succeed, and in life it will be easier) Good luck to you

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