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  1. I suggest that the commentator below forgive all those convicted and release them from prison. I also suggest you lend me some money and forgive me.”�

    After all, the Lord would have forgiven.

  2. As soon as a person accepts responsibility for what happens to him, he forgives others. It's really easy. It is much harder, paradoxically, to forgive yourself. But even this must be done, otherwise you can spend your whole life under the yoke of your own accusations, feeling like a nonentity. Go ahead:

    Forgive the other person – their actions have a complex explanation, but they have their own source, regardless of whether they are intentional or not.�

    Take responsibility for your decisions and actions calmly, and don't pass them on to someone else.�

    Now think about why you did this. Perhaps you had expectations? But they were not justified – now you have learned the true state of affairs, do not be offended by the truth. And finally, forgive yourself – you won't do it again 🙂

    I wish you the best of luck.

  3. And forgive us our trespasses, as we also forgive those who trespass against us…

    We ourselves commit daily acts for which we should ask for forgiveness. The Lord forgives us, just as He first forgave his chosen people, the Jews, and just as he now forgives his new chosen people, the Christians, every day.

    We like to see other people's mistakes and crimes, but not our own. Let's be honest with ourselves: we're no better. Have you been cheated on? And you didn't cheat? Hoth would mentally admit such a possibility? Just be honest. Have you ever done anything that you're ashamed of?

    Don't take on too much – it's not you who forgive, but it's through You that forgiveness is given. You don't decide the fate of people. So be generous-forgive now and forgive always. And then you will also be forgiven. This is the most important thing. Seek forgiveness for yourself. This is for the strong in spirit. Do not be petty, earthly life is given only once – fill it with light, joy, warmth, love for yourself and for others. Share these gifts with others.

    I'm sorry quietly and sincerely. Don't call the world to witness. YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

    Remember Christ, who suffered for us all. On Calvary, when he is crucified, he does not shout curses and promises of revenge. He addresses the Father: Father! Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

    Let this example illuminate your entire life as a reminder of the much greater crime and humility of Christ for your own sake and for all of us.

    Christ is risen!

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