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  1. I'm trying to clear my head. I take all my socks and put them in a bag like a sheet. Then I mentally tie it up and throw it away. Just a white background remains. I don't know what it's called scientifically, but it helps me. Keeping the white background is also difficult, but if you don't think about something new, but no thoughts really arise. I usually practice before going to bed, when it's hard to fall asleep because of a lot of thoughts in my head.

  2. Take a vow of silence.
    Don't talk to anyone for 7 days. Warn all your family and friends who may potentially try to contact you, turn off your phone and turn off the Internet.

    During this test, you stop absorbing information from the surrounding reality and immerse yourself in yourself, begin to sort out your life in parts and get rid of unnecessary thoughts and at the same time acquire new, useful and recycled ones.

    This may seem like a rather complicated ritual to you, but after trying it out, you will realize that you were able to rethink many aspects of your life and set priorities in 7 days. The head after this is relaxed, rested and ready for new goals.

    It is advisable to choose a free time for this , in the intervals between digging in your thoughts, you can read a book. If you suddenly let it slip, (accidentally, on purpose) it is worth stopping and repeating the vow again after a while.

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