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  1. There are a lot of available practices (for example, Laberge's books), after practicing which you will already find a way that is suitable for you personally.And quickly-look at your hands more often throughout the day and at the same time set a program-this is a dream.At the same time, I advise you to get a little tired physically,run during the day,go to fitness, work out at home,eat less and less information flow(movies, games, anything that can attract / distract)

    Then go to bed, setting the alarm for a very early time (4-30.5 am).As soon as it rings, get up immediately, walk around, have a cup of tea for 15-20 minutes,then go back to bed when the pictures start flashing when you fall asleep, focus on any one and you will be drawn into a dream but with a waking consciousness.

    Not the fact that it will turn out the first time, depends on the mood and desire,but still quite quickly

  2. I read a good recipe, when I started to follow it, it started to work, but I quickly abandoned it and left the topic.�

    The bottom line is that you need to train yourself during the day to periodically ask yourself the question: “is what is happening around me real?”. For convenience, you can link this question to some regular action, such as looking at the clock or viewing messages in instant messengers.�

    After this becomes a habit, you will have to wait for the same typical situation to happen to you in a dream and you will ask yourself this question. And with a fairly high probability, you will guess that you are sleeping, and then do whatever you want.�

    But you should not get carried away, it is more useful to live in the real world)

  3. If anyone finds out how , please write to me . �Me �zadolbali �every �night �door to protect and �on� trains �to ride �� constant checks� conductors.� Want� normal � sleep� about� sweet� life :� palm trees , sea , people� friendly � and �� movie� new� .

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