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  1. Trying to do this on your own is like trying to operate on your own appendicitis. And okay, if you have an education and relevant experience, you have been helping the same people with different eating disorders since school, you obviously have a sharpened brain for solving such problems. But when this is not the case, and you need at least to catch up with several years of education and practical real effect-it is almost impossible to independently influence your psyche. It's just that the neural connections are not aligned in the right direction. I know one girl-she is a psychologist, studying for a master's degree at Moscow State University. She had bulimia for a very, very long time, and she dealt with it all the time, but in the end, the only thing that affected her was the near — death operation, after which she was injected with drugs so that she did not scream in pain. From that moment on, it seems, according to her (and bulimics love to hide their problem), bulimia disappeared. And then not without a trace.

    The very essence of bulimia does not allow you to treat it yourself. The trauma is often so large and extensive that it can be compared in scale to some kind of schizophrenia, which can be corrected with the help of a specialist, but is unrealistic on its own. And the point is often not even in the trauma, but in the obsessive desire to hide reality from yourself. And then how to find your own way to it? Such a possibility seems unrealistic to me.

  2. If this were possible, then bulimia would not be classified as an addiction. Bulimia is an addiction that begins to form in the form of dependent behavior from infancy, up to 4 years.

    Here you can read about the causes of anorexia, but this also applies to bulimia.

    Here you can see the reasons for the generalization of the case of anorexia, but this also applies to bulimia. Plus, bulimia is strongly marked by the presence of double messages, such as”come here, get out of here.”

    With these articles, I want to show that it is impossible to cure bulimia. It is possible that you will somehow be able to live with it, or it will go into overeating. If bulemic can reduce the high level of anxiety that accompanies bulimia, then the disease will go away. But this will not be easy, because the boolean has principles that cause increased anxiety (you can't really see them right yourself). Even if he sees them, he doesn't know what to do with them. Therefore, the treatment of bulimia is a complex and painstaking work, which is associated with a highly qualified specialist. Therefore, it is difficult to find a specialist in the treatment of this disease.

  3. Watch scientific films about bulimia, read articles about the consequences. In fact, it should come to the realization that this can't go on, and if you don't stop it now, you're just going to die. No kidding. You can't live with bulimia all your life. You'll die of it sooner or later. It seems to you now that you are incredibly tenacious, but in fact every day your health leaves your body. And what a low death it will be. If you look at it in general. Some person on the planet earth forgot how to eat. That's stupid, you little fool. Was it really worth it?…

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