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  1. Emotions perform (among others) two very key functions.

    1. They signal us about our needs. Our normal needs are simultaneously multidirectional. Some of them, for various reasons (for example, because of learned or invented beliefs), are poorly or not at all aware. And it is precisely through observation and awareness of feelings that we can restore the picture and make an informed choice.

    If you turn off your feelings, emotions, you will not make better, more reasonable choices for you.

    Do not even doubt that very quickly you will begin to live and work for the sake of SOMEONE ELSE's needs.

    Not because YOU CHOOSE it out of altruism.

    And because you will be convincingly and logically proved that this is the most reasonable and useful thing for you.

    By the way, often the ONLY sign that you can understand that you are being manipulated is just a combination of the fact that

    a) you were very convincingly and logically explained that you should (not)do this or that. And at the same time

    b) for some reason you are very dirty and don't want to. Although this is illogical)) – Your psyche tries to reach out through disgust, or / and anger, annoyance, etc.: “Master! We'll be fucked!!”

    But feelings – such stupidity, rubbish, well, their)) … Yeah?

    1. It is emotions, feelings that give us the experience of fullness of life. And emotions, by the way, of the WHOLE spectrum: both positive (pleasant) and negative (unpleasant).

    It may be a disconcerting discovery for you. But try to honestly answer the question for yourself (for yourself, I don't need it): why do you need any activity? To live a life in general-why?))

    If “perform the task of something there”, then the same question goes on: why?..

    At the end of this chain is always a feeling, or feelings.

    Well, if you don't lie to yourself.

  2. You don't need to get rid of emotions, but you need to accept them and be able to manage them. It is important that emotions do not overwhelm your brain, but you can control them with the power of your consciousness, not allow them to overflow their banks, but use them for good.

    There are very good emotions, such as interest or joy or calmness-serenity and many others.

    They start coming when you've already learned to let go of all the guilt-resentment-rage stuff that's really draining

  3. As soon as you feel the appearance of any emotion, try to remove all thoughts from your head and pay attention to something sharply(get distracted by something), emotions should disappear.You can try to portray some emotions in your spare time, preferably as plausibly as possible, and eventually learn how to manage them.If emotions are very disturbing, you can talk to a psychotherapist-they will advise you on a drug to suppress them.

  4. “Seven emotions” is a term that refers to the emotional reactions inherent in a person. Traditional Chinese medicine divides these emotional responses into seven types, namely: JOY, ANGER, ANXIETY, WORRY, GRIEF, THOUGHTFULNESS, and FEAR. Emotional disorders are the cause of the imbalance between Yin and Yang and disharmony between internal organs. It is impossible to get rid of emotions. Learn to control them and the best remedy may be Qigong classes!!! With respect.

  5. Our emotions, like food, can be useful and harmful.
    There is an ancient parable on this subject, which ends with the explanation of an old shaman:
    It's like there are two wolves in each of us: a white wolf and a black wolf. And they are constantly fighting among themselves inside us. For us, for having us. And one of them wins by the end of the road. The one we feed more often.
    Christians also use a similar metaphor of angels and demons fighting for us to explain this internal struggle.
    Psychologists even came up with names for these subpersonalities of ours. Like Anima or Shadow or … The essence is about the same:
    The part of our Self that we feed more wins.
    And our Self, white and conscientious, sometimes wakes up and shouts to us on Sunday: How to get rid of these bad emotions? From this stuff that is our brain?
    after this cry of despair, talking about a painful topic, excuses, self-pity and promises from next Monday … falls asleep weak, but calmed down a little until the next exit from a terrible dream with the same cry.
    Well, on Monday, we get distracted, forget all the promises to end procrastination and start implementing the plan for a new life that we made over the weekend.
    And we continue to throw pieces of our “negative” emotions to our Shadow, dark, well-fed and so habitually satisfied.

  6. Why is this happening all of a sudden?

    emotions are not just anger, hatred, or sadness.

    it is also the inspiration and aesthetics of beauty, and the desire to help others, and so on.

    Today, perhaps 80 percent of the world is created only under the influence of emotions.

    Even many practical inventions are still triggered by emotions.

    agree, if you didn't care whether to wash the dishes or not – why would you invent the dishwasher?

    Well, yes, you can say-so that there was less time!

    what do you care about time if you don't care what you do?

  7. Actually, I partially agree. They really often get in the way of doing the right thing. If you calculate how much time a person spends in vain, precisely guided by their emotions, and how many unnecessary actions they take under their influence, you will get a disappointing result. But their suppression only makes it worse. I think the only thing that can be done here is to learn how to postpone them for later. My grandfather used to tell my father when he was little, ” Before you say anything, mentally count to seven.” This pause is often enough to bring thoughts and feelings into balance, and this byproduct, which is emotions, simply stop bothering and influencing behavior.
    Good question.

  8. Really. I also don't find meaning in emotions, I often use them out of habit in public. But I understand that nothing will change without them. I think this is an unconscious (yet) burst of energy. I began to notice that I felt empty after laughing or other emotions. You need to train more, get involved in activities. After thinking about topics like death, science, problems of nature and society, you don't want to show emotions anymore.

  9. There is one very effective website: Wikihow. There's a lot of similar information out there, and you'll find it. The icon on the site's avatar is so green. And do not listen to those who write that feelings are “needed”. Do as your heart tells you and combine it with your mind. It will be very competent

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