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  1. It seems that the only way out is to start appreciating real life more and invest in improving it. As a child, by the will of our parents and chance, we were busy with something interesting. And friends in a new city / country are difficult to meet and get close to as well.

    I had to think about this when I moved to Moscow State University to study.

    You can remember your hobbies and what you did as a child, and look for like-minded people. Spend more time in society, get acquainted, and treat people with interest and respect. I also have friends who mope about their school past, but, unfortunately, these are often those who have not realized themselves socially, they want to “return to the place where they are loved and expected”. Just accept that there is no turning back and you are old enough and conscious enough at 19 to find the right people for you and the thing in life that you like to do! Everything will definitely be even better than it is now with:

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