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  1. just get it into your head that a bad joke or a ridiculous act will remain in your memory for a long time only, while others will stop thinking about it after 15 minutes, and after some time they will not remember at all.

    if you screw up in the presence of a stranger, then there is nothing to worry about at all. well, this same person will tell someone else how someone messed up there. So what? you won't even know it, and he won't even remember you.

    in general, it is best to follow the words and actions if you are with a person close to you, who will clearly be affected by a puncture on your part, then you will not have to regret it

  2. You probably don't need to get rid of anything.Every incident in our life, whether it is a positive experience or a negative one, serves us as a lesson in the future to prevent similar incidents.So I think it's better to take it all for granted and live on learning from mistakes.

  3. You must let go of everything that bothers you.

    You need to accept your mistakes and learn some lesson for yourself or a conclusion about yourself. As a rule, these actions do not represent anything terrible/shameful

    well, or not as much as you think. Anyway, this is often due to their own fears(from social – I don't belong here/friends don't like me/everyone thinks that *some kind of* before serious – I did so and so I'm not normal)�

    which undermine confidence and prevent you from functioning.But you always need to sort out such moments in your head to the atom and then

    they will be less likely to bother you

    I did it

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