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  1. First of all, why does a person feel sad, as I think he remembers what wonderful days are over or what he missed

    How to deal with it

    1. Stop doing things that remind you of memories

    2. Learn something new or explore

    3. Dive into your work

    4. Read less romance

    5. Find someone who can help you fight it

    6. Ask the Almighty for relief

  2. First of all, you don't have to think about your fun moments, you have to listen to more positive music, and watch more funny cartoons, or you can have a pet or have a hobby that would not be boring. Watch interesting movies or TV shows, cartoons, but do not watch dramas, it depresses you more.
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  3. At such moments, you still watch various sad movies, songs, and adjust your apathy…
    Sadness has its reasons. It does not happen that it appears just like that, out of nowhere. This happens only when you are lazy for a long time and nothing pleases you, but there is only one solution – to do something useful 🙂
    If there are problems, then they have a solution.
    Sometimes you want to be alone. You need to sit down away from the noise, think, cry, etc. You can go to a place that inspires (the embankment of your city with invigorating fresh air, a cozy coffee shop where no one will disturb). Sit down, read. Spend time alone with your thoughts. From here, you can get inspiration, an idea for solving mental anguish.
    Sometimes you need someone to listen to you. Either you're in love. Or…In general, it is connected with people. Here, “inspiration” and gatherings do not help. Here you need to become a little bolder, reach out to your person and say: let's talk. I really need you.
    Or the courage is needed in order to come to a certain place and meet a new person. Open up to a new person, a new business.
    All this also gives you spiritual strength and a desire to live.�
    When you meet new people, you evaluate them through the prism of your own stereotypes(and they are you, which is uncomfortable, but this is the norm), and then…Suddenly, with relief, you notice how the stereotypes collapse (because “you've already met such people in your life,” but no, everyone is different). And it breaks the muddy cycle of days you're stuck in.
    When you get close to such people (this also happens), it is even more incredible, because new acquaintances and friends are fun, it is a remedy for apathy, an opportunity to open up, again, from a side that you did not know about. – After all, their impression is also unpredictable…
    In general, this unpredictability in your life and how much it will please you – depends on you and your courage, honesty (!). You will show yourself-real feelings and desires, cope with responsibilities on time, communicate with those with whom it is interesting to communicate, find interesting events for yourself – everything will work out. And everything will be fine.
    Maybe it's just that today is not your day and everything will get better tomorrow 🙂

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