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  1. Our life works like this: an event comes to us from outside, it is refracted in our worldview, causes certain emotions, emotions encourage us to act, our behavior patterns determine the reaction options, a decision is made and an action is performed.�

    If you see a false attitude, but you can't make a new decision and take a new action, then you need to learn how to work with emotions – to control and clear yourself of negative pressure. Strong emotions create an uncontrollable reaction.�

    1) Track the appearance of emotions

    2) Learn how to get out of the situation BEFORE everything happens by itself according to the programmed scenario

    3) Learn to purify the heart – the simplest, most effective and affordable way is prayer, that is, meditation on the sound of the Name of God. 20-40 minutes can cool down any fire in the heart, be it anger, fear, guilt or resentment.�

    4) Step back into the situation and consciously do things that are consistent with the beliefs you want to implement.

    5) If the new belief is correct, then the result will be inspiring and it will gradually change your worldview and your spontaneous reaction will also change.

  2. The fact that you have already discovered the block is very good. Next, it is best to contact an experienced psychologist. No single entry in TQ will help you solve this problem in practice, because there is no general recipe for all cases.

  3. Our consciousness is not a computer, you can't just take and delete an unnecessary file, you can't just change the settings. It's like bad habits: it's not enough to know that smoking is bad for your health to stop smoking. It is best to address your question to a psychologist and methodically, gradually understand the problem.

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