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  1. It's someone who instilled an inferiority complex in you. In fact, you are worthy, because if it were not so, then you would not have this good thing. I suggest you forget about thinking and say to yourself: “I don't care if I'm worthy or not. it happens to me, so it's mine, and I control it. and if others don't like it, it's their problem, not mine.”

  2. But I only partially agree with the previous speaker.

    I dare to assume that you have this feeling, because you were told in your childhood that money comes with GREAT difficulty, that good things happen very rarely, that you don't work hard enough, that you are too ordinary, and so on. In general, the” unbearable lightness of being ” you will not feel in life, maybe someone will be able to do it , but not you.

    I am writing this based on my life experience. The upbringing of parents and their view of life affects the entire subsequent life of an adult.

  3. Maybe you are really unworthy, how can the site users know this? Most of the psychological questions on this site have a solution not a description of a universal psychological theory, but something else – people just need to find time to deal with themselves, to remember their childhood, relationships, the most vivid moments and answer the question of what shaped them, what affected them and how they now want to react to it. Instead, they write “why are they yelling at me? Why do I feel bad? why doesn't anyone understand me?” – because you don't understand yourself.�

    Do some work on yourself – spend a few weeks thinking about your biography, your reactions. If you are too lazy to go to a psychologist. Because at the reception of psychologists, the same thing happens.

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