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  1. I don't agree with the previous answer. In this case, blind obedience to this feeling is a direct path to neurosis, or worse, if you are predisposed…

    Most likely, you should have a face-to-face meeting with a therapist, because the problem lies deeper than just the pangs of conscience and just snapping your fingers will not get rid of it. There will be no” magic pill ” from this, you need to get rid of the feeling of guilt step by step.

    Again, you need to figure out when these feelings come to you: when you are just lying on the couch and relaxing, or doing something of little use from the point of view of some other people (watching TV shows, videos, reading pop literature, listening to music, etc.)? Perhaps someone accused you of doing nothing before, since now you feel guilty for it?

    Do you feel so bad at this moment? Usually, in such situations, thoughts are our enemy, because our convinced brain tells us that it is bad to lie down, watch something simple, relax and devote time to yourself when you can do something for yourself or for someone else. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to your own feelings, feelings, abstracting from thoughts.

    Humans aren't robots – we can't do important things all the time. Allow yourself a little weakness, some rest. Watch / read rubbish, spend time with your hobbies and interests, and just lie down in silence and spit at the ceiling. These things allow us to keep the psyche stable. There's nothing wrong with that. It is important to be able to work, but it is equally important to be able to relax. And no one has the right to blame you for this, if you really need it.

  2. “Getting rid of the feeling” is not a good idea. Rather, you need to sow it from a pedestal and find a place for this feeling in the rest of the hierarchy of feelings. First, switch control with it. One of the attempts will be successful.

  3. It's all nonsense and you don't need to bother.

    be positive and think positive things.

    Do good deeds, never make a row, and avoid conflicts. Treat with understanding about all the problems, your own and others', and everything will be fine.

    I will soon be 68 years old and no conscience torments me,

    there is no feeling of something not being done.

    I have always lived normally and thought positively with care for my family,

    about the children, and now about 6 grandchildren, I thought about my family and close friends. I always tried not to get into conflict with my neighbors or strangers.

    I am an optimist in life and believe in kindness and politeness, in the human mind, maybe that's why life was a success

    and I'm doing well, as are my 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

    May God grant them all health and prosperity,

    and also to all health – to all acquaintances

    and to strangers, this is the main thing today!

    Good luck to all, think about the beautiful things, and life will get better!

  4. I often encounter a similar problem. From time to time, creating tasks in Google calendar helps. Having completed these tasks (even if they are very simple), I can personally do whatever I want with peace of mind. I recommend you try it.

  5. Regularly get very physically tired (for example, do intense sports). Then during the rest you will no longer want any active activities and will no longer be depressed and thinking about the impermanence of being and laziness))

  6. Console yourself with the thought that whatever you're doing, you're doing something right now. So when you're on vacation, what do you do? That's right: rest. And sometimes this activity is more important than all the others combined.

  7. And why get rid of it? Life is short, and you have a lot to do. It's a nice feeling. Don't hold back. Self-actualize. Be active.

    Do it!

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